Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Whole World Changed

And my whole world changed along with it!

 The whole world changed five years ago, when the gender virus began.  Every night the news was filled with stories about it.  Stories about figuring out how it started.  Stories about plans to stop it and research to reverse it.  Stories about people going through the change.  

John and I started up a company to help the poor souls trapped in their new bodies.   Surprisingly women changed into men seemed to deal with the transition easier.  Most of the help we offered these new men was anatomical.  How to deal with having a penis and scrotum.  I’ve never hears so much happy laugher coming from the men’s room before in my life.  For men changed into women, the change was a lot harder to deal with.  Anatomy was an issue… teaching them how to deal with their breasts and smaller stature… but fitting in with society was difficult.  We never judged, and if a new woman didn’t want to have the classic feminine life, we just helped them however we could but let them wear their baggy jeans and t-shirts. 

It’s the ones that didn’t want to be an outcast that we had trouble with.  Those poor souls that didn’t want to be looked upon as a ‘former man’.   They had problems acting or being feminine at all and yet knew they had to learn to accept society’s views of femininity.  So we developed an extreme program to help them out.  We drowned them in femininity.  They were only allowed the sexiest feminine enhancing clothing and personal style.  From heels and stockings, to panties and skirts.  From makeup and fingernails, to hair and vocabulary.  We gave them all jobs in classically almost sexist feminine jobs.  Teachers, maids, nurses, and secretaries.  And to emphasize their feminine nature we’d surround them with classically masculine alpha males.  Men who would treat them as objects and playthings. 

Our success rate was phenomenal.  98% of our students passed the course and looked upon themselves as feminine.  I had my own misgivings about the program as I honestly believed that some of the participants didn’t realize just how feminine we’d make them.  And as much as some of them wanted to hold onto what little masculinity they still had… well our program was brutal and thorough.  Any resistance was met with stronger pushback and even though they had read about the possible consequences in the contract I highly doubt many of them could anticipate how emasculating and painful it is to be laid over a big strong man’s lap and spanked until they cried.  Or just how destructive it could be to their psyche to be forced to kneel and give oral sex to a man multiple times a day. 

Sure, they all came out feminine and happy… but at what cost?  Through the hypnosis and behavior training I don’t know that we could honestly say that the same person that walked into our program was the same person who walked out.  John invited me to be one of the ‘bulls’ as he called them to help with some of the new girls, but after that first time I couldn’t do it.  Just seeing the tears form in her eyes as I fed my cock into her mouth… it didn’t matter how helpful I thought this was for her.  I just kept to my own side of the business helping the new men.  If I had known this is where I’d end up, maybe I would have participated more.  At least then I’d know more specifically what my future held.

You see, four months ago, I caught the virus.  All the money in the company couldn’t buy me a cure.  When my body stopped its mutations, I was devastated.  John was there and at first I thought he was being a good friend.  But his intent should have been clear… he thought our program was the best way forward and did everything in his power to get me enrolled.  He took advantage of a moment of emotional weakness on my part and had me sign up for it.  The next day when I told him that I wanted to deal with this in my own way he just chuckled and said the contract had already begun.  

I didn’t see John for three weeks.  Our own program kept me a virtual prisoner.  I was clothed and made up like a sex object.  My name was changed and after taking a ridiculous vocational test was assigned to the secretarial pool.  My degrees in psychology and business management were whittled down to filing, typing, and answering the phones.  I had the hardest time being casual with the men surrounding me all the time touching my body.  From a casual caress of my cheek to a far more overt pinch of my rear.  And if I reacted in anything other than an appreciative manner…. Over their knee I went. 

So when I walked in and found out that I’d been assigned as John’s personal secretary I barely reacted when he pulled up my skirt and cupped my sensitive ass.  My hand barely trembled when I laid it on his chest.  My eyes barely teared up as he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me to my knees.  The whole world changed five years ago, when the gender virus began.  My whole world changed today, when John’s cock entered my mouth.  

source:  fuskator


  1. Lovely! And a terrific closing line too!

  2. What a terrifyingly beautiful surrender. You are at the top of your game, IMO, as each Obscura gets better than the last. This makes me shiver.