Saturday, July 25, 2020

Just Stop It!

You'll know if I'm talking about you or not
I love reading comments.  Anything from 'Nice!' to a detailed explanation of what they do and don't like about a particular post, to a nice conversation.  But I've had someone really getting under my skin lately with comments.  They're posting comments on seemingly random posts that start out nice, if a little generic, and then include a link to some other site.  

This has been going on for about a week now.  As I write this you can still see their comments in the 'Recent Comments' section to the right.  The first day it was like 2 or 3 comments.  It stayed at that level for a few days, then ramped up to 8 or 9 a day.  I'd just log in, go to the comments section, and delete them.  This morning?  There were 28 of the fuckers.  

So, until I can be more confident that this person will move on and direct their attention elsewhere, I've more or less shut down comments.  I've made it so that ALL comments are moderated, meaning I'll be reading them before they go up and either approving them or deleting them.  That way they won't get any exposure, not even the few hours between them posting and me deleting them.  

I'm sorry if anybody is inspired to comment and now find something in the way, but I don't want to become a safe harbor for spammers.  I have no idea if the site they were directing to was malicious or not as I only went there once to get a quick peek.  I just know that it was a site that was going to ask for money, which means they were/are hoping to make money from my work.  I don't make money from my own work, so I'm certainly not going to let anybody else profit from it.  

So, hopefully this will be short lived and hopefully my muse comes back and gets me into the creating/writing/posting mode.  


  1. I'm sorry people are assholes, I personally love your stories and captions and I hope your muse returns

  2. Just a quick addendum... I'm still getting spammed. Its normally between 4 and 6 spam comments a day, but I've had days where it was 25. I won't open comments until that's stopped.

  3. I'm just curious how to get invited to

    1. Sadly, proud peace, I don't know. I don't have access myself. I figure I'll keep it in the list for another few weeks and see if it goes public again. If not... well, I've trimmed blogs I miss before.