Saturday, September 11, 2021

She gets what she wants

You always give your love what they want...

From our very first date, I knew that worshiping Marie was the right thing to do.  I had adored her from afar for a long while, and when I found out that she liked me too I was over the moon.  It didn’t take long for us to realize we were perfect for each other.  We both knew compromises had to be made.  I wanted that big breasted, curvy, sex crazy bimbo style girlfriend and Marie was anything but those things.  Marie wanted that tall, dark, handsome, alpha style boyfriend and I was so not that.  But deep down I wanted someone to dote on.  And deep-down Marie wanted someone to dote on her.   Perfect. 

As we dated, I made sure everything Marie wanted came to be.  She wanted to go to a French restaurant? I found one and jumped through all the hoops to get us a reservation that night.  She wanted to travel to the Caribbean to celebrate graduating college?  I sold my car in order to afford the luxury resort in St. Lucia.  She wanted my hair colored sandy blonde?  I dyed it at a salon from my natural dark brown.  She wanted my skin smoother?  I went through procedures including laser hair removal to be as smooth as she wanted.  She wanted a more lavish lifestyle before we married?  I got better at my job and earned more money. 

After years of ‘happily ever after’ with me making her happy and me loving every minute of that pursuit, she started asking for new things.  She wanted me to wear lipstick when we made love.  She wanted me to wear stockings while we cuddled.  She wanted my already long hair to grow out longer and longer.  I was already getting what she was moving me toward but just nodded and accepted it when she admitted she wanted to completely feminize me.  She wanted a lezzy, sissy, doting lover.  I simply reiterated that I’d make her every dream come true.  The hormones were hard as I had to convince a doctor that I really wanted a sex change.  I had to sit through therapy and tell an analyst my prepared story.  Born in the wrong body, loving being feminine, dressing up as a boy and young man.  I finally got my prescription after I videoed myself dressing in skirts and heels for an entire week, saying that I lived that way all the time.  In a shock to no one at all, Marie wanted me to keep that up, so I haven’t worn men’s clothes since that effort. 

The procedures and hormones and diets and exercises slowly changed my body to what Marie wanted.  Living the life that body demanded was even more difficult.  Marie didn’t just want a feminine me, she wanted her lover to be the girliest of girly girls that ever girled.   She wanted me to be more feminine than her and she was the loveliest most feminine creature I ever saw in real life.  But I always gave Marie what she wanted and this was no different.  My PS5 traded for a sewing machine.  My black Ford Raptor was traded for a pink Fiat 500.  My bathroom shelf with deodorant and cologne was traded for a vanity full of makeup and hair accessories.  My simple white cotton panties and bras were traded for silk and satin lingerie. 

And for awhile that was enough.  Marie was over the moon happy.  She called me Alice and loved me more than she had before.  We were as inseparable as ever.  We even shared a closet full of the best designer clothes.  When I saw that she was hesitant to admit that everything wasn’t perfect, I cajoled the response out of her.  She still had the desire for that tall dark handsome alpha in her life.   A bull to satisfy parts of her sexuality that I couldn’t.  That I never had satisfied.  As I kissed her and made love to her, licking her to screaming orgasm after screaming orgasm, I promised I’d make her dream come true.  It took me a long time.  Trolling online forums didn’t turn up anything resembling a real person.  Turning to local bars and clubs was better, but I had to entice and lure them in with feminine wiles that I’d never wanted to use on men. 

When I found it difficult to smile at a man and accept his drink, I’d just remember this was for Marie.  When I found it difficult to dance and let him feel my curvy body, I’d just remember this was for Marie.  When I found it difficult to kiss and rub my hand over his chest, I’d just remember this was for Marie.  When I found it difficult to go down on him in his car and swallow him whole, I’d just remember this was for Marie. 

Keeping this secret from Marie was harder than it was learning to be a slut to these men.  I must have dated dozens of men but each of them failed in some way.  Not aggressive enough to demand a second date.  Not manly enough to put their hands on back on me when I giggle and push them away.  Not bullish enough to fuck my mouth twice in the same night.  And then I met him.  Cooper.  He was attractive without looking like a model.  He was aggressive without being mean.  He was manly without being a brute.  He was bullish without being demanding.  While I blew many men in my search for the perfect alpha, he was the first that convinced me to pull my panties down for him.  He paid no mind to the ever soft remains of my manhood and happily took me from behind.   Not even Marie had used her strap-on back there and I screamed.  First in pain, then in unbelievable pleasure.  This was the man for her.  This was the man for us. 

Now everything is set.  I’ve licked and petted and loved on Marie all day, promising her something special.  I doted on us both making us beautiful and alluring.  I have us both in heels because he likes seeing his women that way.  And as I look past my loving wife and at what I believe will be our loving alpha stud, I can only hope that Marie approves. 

If she doesn’t, I’ll start over.  I always make my Marie happy.  I always get her what she wants. 

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