Sunday, October 10, 2021

Deep Cover

How deep can your cover go?

Okay, this was supposed to be one of those quick one paragraph caps.  It didn't even start with these images, although I have no idea how the original image inspired the story.  Here is the fuskator gallery and image that got my juices going:

Nice right?  The basic idea that came to me was a man changed into a woman (duh) to go undercover as a powerful exec's secretary.  It was just a little corporate espionage and he/she'd get stuck having to maintain the role.  And yes, there would be a deep cover deep throat joke in there somewhere.  But that's it.  I imagine that basic idea and the desire to keep it short was the reason the change is so quick and undescribed.  I had a paragraph.  Maybe two.  I didn't have time to go into the transformation.  But like has happened in the past, I took my time writing and enjoyed the journey.  The journey ended up filling just over three pages in MS Word.  


There was no way I could pare that down.  And while I enjoyed the image, I didn't like any of the other images to create a multi page cap out of.  So, liking the story and wanting to keep it, I just needed some new images.  I've tried this in the past without success and was giving myself just a few minutes (thanks Dee for the previous suggestion on putting limits on myself) to find another set of images.  If I didn't, this would end up as an Obscura.  

Fuskator thankfully has a search function and as a connoisseur of 'sexy secretary' images, I knew there would be a lot to choose from.  And lo and behold, the second page found me not only a gallery with a sexy secretary all alone (important for a multi page cap), but a SECOND gallery with her sucking and fucking.  Icing on the cake?  The images are HUGE.  

I just fell in love with her blow job pose as it felt like it fit the whole 'humiliating and thrilling' part of the story (even though there is no zoom meeting or even desk).  I also loved her expression while he took her, so I went with three images even though the third image doesn't really revolve around a specific scene in the story.  Meh... I think you'll all enjoy it and not nit pick it.  But if it bothers you, don't hold back.  I'd normally have gone back and written that pose into the story and if that type of detail is missed, I can keep doing it.  

Oh, and just a couple quick house keeping notes.  One, this is my 1,000th post.  I thought about making a big deal about it and even making a special cap for it, but honestly nothing came to mind and it's not nearly the big milestone that 10 years was.  Maybe when I get to my 1,000th cap.  

Two, there's a problem with Blogger.  At least I think it's on their end.  A lot of my links don't include the http:// portion.  For example the link to my D+X page used to look like this:

Browsers would just understand and add the http:// part.  BUT, there's a problem by not having the security on.  So links without the S (https://) don't work.  I fixed the D+X link as well as some in the basic page layout, but MOST of my header graphics are linked that way.  And.. um... not to sound lazy, but I'm not going back to fix 1000 links.  Clicking on the title always works as well as the actual 'Read More' link.  IF I hear about problems or people complain, I'll look into it further but for now I fixed the links for the first couple pages of posts and will continue to include the right text going forward.  

Ta Ta!


  1. Pitty you didn't use the Samantha Saint gallery. She's a beautiful woman and the guy who's fucking her is Johnny Castle.....and he's so hot!

  2. What is that saying, that your so into who your playing, that you sometime become that person. Really become that person.

  3. Always love "undercover" themes. Especially when they are "blown" (groan). All puns aside, I loved the look of the caps and where the action went. Also I used that Samantha Saint image (or a few frames later) in one of my old Alphabetized caps (this one with a Halloween theme)