Sunday, October 3, 2021


Innocence can't be made.  Can it?

Another fun quickie.  I saw this image on one of the discord servers and after looking at dozens of shemale, futa, latex wearing, leather whip wielding, nun outfit defiling, tied up, bound up, dick sucking girls.... this one just screamed innocence.  I had the random thought that a girl this beautiful would never be that innocent.... and then my mind just kept going.  The story was simple as I just wanted to share the simple thought.  

I think it's fun.  Nothing special.  Maybe a little squirmy if you imagine being put through the situation yourself.  

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Her name is Elena Stein and you can find her on instagram.

  2. Fantastic cap, short, sweet, to the point and the innocence angle is a very interesting one!

  3. beautiful picture and story.