Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Final Submission

Could you give up that one last thing?

So I started the day with no urge to cap whatsoever.  I was still stewing on the whole deviant art thing (read about it here), and I was SO close yesterday to making it a whole day without a cigarette, but broke down at 10pm.  And then smoked 8 more after that initial breakdown.

So I was in a bit of a 'mood' this morning, and figured I wouldn't be able to capture any good emotions that I would need to feed off of.  But while writing up the last post, I was searching for an image to use.  I normally don't put to much thought into the image I use for questions.  I try to make it 'fit' with the question, or topic, but I don't spend more than a few minutes searching for the image to use.  In this case, the obvious theme to use was 'crazy'.  So I searched a bit for a sexy woman in a straight jacket.  I couldn't find one, so I went with the more base emotions... angry and hurt.  One of the first images that came up was this:

It didn't fit what I wanted for the post, but it really struck me as a sexy image.  So I left it up and figured if I couldn't find something more appropriate, I would just use it (to be honest one of the reasons I didn't just go with it, is there was nothing that I could obviously color pink!).  I finally found the image of the girl with a gun (I think that shows my anger pretty well), and made the post.  When I finished I had Photoshop, MS Word, two instances of notepad, several file windows, and a dozen or so Goggle Chrome tabs open.   I started closing everything down so that I could 'restart' my morning, when I came back to this image.

It was just BEGGING to be capped.  I was inspired in part by Samantha deSavory's caps.  She always seems to find a sexy well photographed image, and adds a few words that convey so much information.  I thought about having the image with just "Please Master... not that.  Let me keep that one last thing" as the only story.

It fit.  The only issue was design.  Its not much text to line up with the image, so it would really have to have a text box style that would cover up some of the image.  So I re-opened Photoshop and started working, figuring I would just put it up as a blog exclusive.

But I couldn't get the design to work.  Either the text covered up most of the image, or it went both over the image and the empty space.  Neither worked for me.  So I figured I would flesh out the story some.  Not nearly as much as I normally do, but enough that I could put it to the side of the woman's hip, and follow along with her curve.  Now as I would be using the empty space on the right, I didn't want ANY empty space to the left.  And as long as I was going to crop it, I figured I would make it fit into my normal 1000x1000 size.

I came up with this:

I liked it.  Not a lot of open space for story, and the text would balance out the image.  Being that I didn't have much space to work with, I created a text box around her hip, and started writing in Photoshop.  When I had roughly filled in the space, I copied the text (with all of its misspellings and fat finger typos) into word and edited it down to this:

Please Master... no.... You've already done so much for me. You’ve pushed all of my boundaries.  You’ve molded me in ways that I was scared of, but now love. 

I love my curves. I love my feminine face. I love my fingernails. I love my voice. I love my new tastes.  I love submitting to you.  


Yes.... Yes Master, I know I am yours to do with as you please, and I love being that. I love being what you want, what you desire, and what you need.  

Isn’t there any way that I can keep this one thing?  

I liked it.    I thought it would make an interesting cap. So I threw it in as black text, added the title and title bar, and saved it.  I even saved it as a .jpg getting ready to post it here.

But as I re-read it, I got two feelings.  First, the warm image and cold text were giving to different emotions.  It would be better if I made the image black and white to take away the 'warmth' it was giving, and then without a color to oppose, I could make the title and story blue, to enhance that cool feeling.  But the second feeling I got was that this was good enough to give to someone.   The story was just a little to vague though.  So I went into my cap debt file and saw that I owe Bren two caps.  We had also recently started talking via IM, and I had a fresh impression of her that I think I could feed off of.

So with Bren, my main impression is that she likes a vengeance theme.  A real Karmic balancing act.  To me that normally requires quite a bit of story, and there is no way I was going to fit the several paragraphs of text to do my normal telling of WHY she was in this position.  But by emulating both Samantha deSavory and Dee, I did as little editing as I could while still hopefully giving the impression that this was some sort of punishment to Brian/Bren,

I think it worked.  I tweaked the image to give it a little more contrast (again to give it that cool/dark feeling) and then posted it.  Only after I posted it to Bren's folder, linked to it in my folder, and posted it to the gallery, did I realize that I had essentially made Bren a shemale.  And there is only one thing bolded in Bren's preferences:

Strictly male to female. Complete transformations only please!!!

Oops.  I can always argue that this is the last bit of transformation before going completely female, but that would be stretching the truth.   She isn't there yet, and therefore isn't completely transformed.  I can only hope that my recent talks with Bren lead me in the right direction, and that she can still enjoy this cap.

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  1. oh lovely cap - a wonderful use of a wonderful image!