Saturday, August 6, 2011

Self Portrait

Another cap to try and inspire more caps!

I wanted to just bang out a cap.  I'm not feeling very cappy at the moment, but damnit I want to CAP!

So I did this as an exercise.  I went to Google Images, typed in a search for 'Sexy Women' and picked out one of the first good images I saw.  I wasn't looking for anything specific, just something that whispered anything to me.  This is the image that I found:

First off, it is a wonderful photograph.  It is lit stunningly, and the model is gorgeous! After looking over her face and her cute panties and matching heels, I noticed the shutter release cable in her hand.  I haven't seen one of those since I was in photography school!  So to me at least it is obvious she is taking a self portrait.  The thought just flew in from there... she is taking a self portrait to show her mistress how well she can look like a woman.  When she emails it to the mistress, she mistakenly sends it out to everyone at her company.

Boom... good enough to make a cap.  So I got the image into Photoshop to act as inspiration, then opened up word and started typing.  Here is my first draft:


O.k. let's see how this self portrait looks.  OH. MY. GOD!  Mistress is going to love this.  But let's check it out and make sure its perfect.  It feel so strange to zoom in on my own ass, but I have to look for that bulge... good no bulge there.   That really ruined the last picture when you could see my cock straining against the panties. 

Body position is damn near perfect.... good thing I shaved everywhere.  That little patch of back hair was a pain to get, but at least it's gone now.  Makeup looks good.  Mistress having me practicing every night for the last month really paid off.   

Even zoomed in I can't tell that I'm wearing a wig.  Thank god Mistress could afford to send me this one... the ones I can afford all look fake.  

Should I try some bigger ear rings?  I mean the studs look sexy, but are they feminine enough? I guess I'll ask Mistress that in the email.  Lets go ahead and write that up. 

Mistress.  Here is my most recent self portrait.  I can't thank you enough for walking me through feminizing myself.  I feel so girly anyway, and it's so stressful to not be able to share this side of my life with anyone around me.  I just know they wouldn't understand.  Your loving guidance has helped live out this fantasy of being a beautiful woman.  Calvin is fine for 9 to 5, but you really let Caitlyn come out and play every night.  Oh, and you were so right, once I got that plug inside of me, it really makes my hips swing.  I can't help but move more like a woman when I'm penetrated like that.  I actually had it in, when I made this photo, and am sitting on it now while writing up this email.   But I do have a question, should I be wearing something more feminine for ear rings, or are the studs fine?

My eternal thanks and love,

O.k. now just attach the picture and reply to her last email.  Send.  

Wait... why did I click on 'Reply to All'.  OH GOD THAT WAS THE EMAIL FOR THE COMPANY PICNIC!!!

Now you will notice that the first draft has some key differences.  First it was written with me in mind.  And really, my name(s) was just a placeholder.  This wasn't speaking to any of my own specific desires, I just didn't want to bog myself down with even a name selection.  Second I have a whole riff at the beginning of the subject thinking and looking over the image.  

But when I got it into Photoshop the first thing I noticed is that the 'email portion didn't feel different enough.  So I went ahead and changed it to white text instead of the pink, and changed its font to a more 'computery' font (Courier... which is actually supposed to look like a typewriter!).

I wanted something in the background.  I wasn't thinking of anything in particular, but something that will add some motion to it. So If found this image that worked for me:

Once I had that I actually saved the cap and got ready to post it here.  But between saving the Photoshop file, and saving it as a .jpg I paused.  I wondered if I had put a little to much into it.  I wen into 'Dee' mode, and edited.  At first I just took out the first few paragraphs.  Then I realized that I had some nice details in there, that showed this wasn't a first attempt, like the makeup.  So in Photoshop I started writing.  After a few minutes I had what you see here (I did pull it out of PS and into Word to catch the dozen or so typos!).

So I saved it again, saved it as a .jpg, and started a post here.  It struck me that it does look nice.  In fact I wouldn't feel bad giving it to someone.  But who?  I've gone over this in my post for "Read The Instructions First"... I didn't feel it was good for anyone there.  I mean just preferences wise, I would need someone who liked cross dressing caps as much as full transformations, and they should like the idea of a mistress.... hold the phone... JENNIFER!

This would be perfect for Jennifer.  But I must have sat here for a good 20 minutes going back and forth about changing this to be a cap for Jennifer.  First off Jennifer is a dear friend... I don't want to hand her off something that wasn't made specifically for her.  And this in NO WAY was an appropriate cap back for her wonderful "One More Taste".  In the end I settled on it being a 'down payment' on a cap back.  If nothing else I figure this and three or four more decent singles would be a good payment if I can't come up with a really good juicy story for her.

So back into Photoshop I go.  It was a quick change from Caitlin to Jennifer and Calvin to Jeremy.  Re-save, re-save as a jpg, and then post to the Haven.

And now finally post it here.  I hope she likes it.  It isn't grade A Caitlyn work, but its nice.  I think.


  1. I did like it! ^_^ I think the situation presented in the cap could be a possibility. Something Could really happen. (even if the cross dresser didn't exactly pass..)

    It's got a great OH FUCK! Moment at the end and I can just picture their laughs at the office, the company picnic, through e-mails and phone calls, etc. Might as well quit my job and move in with Mistress huh?

    And I couldn't help but but Picture My Mistress as Mistress Simone. :D heh, but then, that's blending more real life elements that I really enjoyed about this caption. Lot's of stuff in this cap that is not that far off from the truth.

    And don't worry about paying me back, I was happy to make that suckubus cap for you. ^_^ I never make a cap expecting to be paid back. (but I normally look out for a comment.) Thanks! :D

  2. When you have an idea in mind, its best to flesh it out beforehand like you did here. Don't necessarily worry about fitting it with someone, just get it out!

    When I make quickies, its often how I do it. I'll see a picture, throw it into Photoshop and caption it, using BLANK as a name placeholder.

    Then I'll pop onto the Haven, and see if what I have made fits anyone in particular, specifically if it is someone that has posted comments for others recently, or a newbie with a caption folder. I'll always go through the caption and try to make it fit them better, but usually I can do that with a line or two.

    Having said all that, it doesn't seem like it wasn't created for Jennifer, though you two do overlap a bit on preferences. I think that there are quite a few people on the Haven that create captions based on what THEY like, and then just sort of change the names to whoever they are captioning. That can work when it is someone like Petra making a caption for you, but ONE SIZE does NOT FIT ALL when it comes to Havenettes.

    Now repeat after me .... "Yes Jennifer, I had you in mind the WHOLE time I was creating this!"

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  5. From the looks of things, you go through as many revisions as I do with the text. Ideas come, go, get scratched, sentences get scrapped in the name of space. . . you name it. I'm trying to save my drafts so i can look over them.

    Personally it fits Jennifer to a T. I'm sure she's got the tripod and camera ready to go just in case she needs to sent another photo out!

    The thing i initially found interesting about this caption was design. I found myself picking it about mentally to see what i could recognize and learn from it. I'm trying to learn new technique and you've always got something where I wonder "how did she do that?"

    Overall, high quality work. you are too hard on yourself.