Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Making Her Jealous

She will get jealous... won't she?

I must be on a roll... two caps in to days?  I haven't done that since September 27th and 28th.  I don't know if its a trend or not... but we'll see.

I actually intended to do a different cap all together.  I had several blow job pics lined up along with this one.  The story would be about the same, but instead of ending in this lovely embrace 'Brenda' would end up with a cock in her mouth.   The last few caps I've made, 'smutty' pics more or less turned me off.  This time though its not that I didn't enjoy the pics... I just really liked this photograph better.

The story came out fine, but it still took a long time to write.  But this time I don't think it was me not being in the proper mental place... it was more of the story moving in a different direction than I intended.  You see, I started off with the idea of playing around with memory loss and compulsions.  The 'curse' was going to make our heroine not only be a beautiful sexy woman, but also compel her to act like it.  The memory loss wouldn't be on her side though... it would be on 'Calvin'.  He would slowly stop trying to win over his ex, and instead just accept 'Brenda' as his girlfriend.

Even now after finishing the cap, I like that story idea.  But it just didn't come out.  I fought against it for awhile, but finally let the story go where it wanted.  No compulsions.  No memory loss.  I still think it's good... well... good enough.... it's just not as good as I intended it to be.

I don't really have more to say about this cap.  The design is simple and the only thing 'special' I did was make the text and text background shades of green.  Green... jealous... get it?  I'm going to go out and vote (and if you haven't, you should too!) now.  Maybe when I get back, I'll try to make another cap with one of those lovely BJ photos I found.


  1. Can I be Brenda ? It sounds like a dreamy existence to me. :)

  2. I liked it. It was rather simple, but it there was some well told, squirmy moments in the story. And I've always liked the idea of being dressed up or turned, to make someone else jealous or to at least act like a girlfriend for just keeping up appearances.

  3. She was obviously so jealous she felt the need to sell her house and move away :p

    Quite an interesting situation! How will "Brenda" cope with her life as Calvin's perfect girl? She seems to have trouble resisting his desires, and knowing Calvin, her future will involve lots and lots of blow jobs ;)