Friday, November 30, 2012

Obviously Straight

Man or woman... straight as an arrow!

So in "Shhh..." I mentioned I had a couple more images that were begging to be capped.  This is one of those images.  When I saw it, I just fell in love with her expression.  It just cried out "Reluctant Joy" to me.  And with it being a brunette, I figured it would make a nice image for Bren (whom I owed one more cap to).

I just needed a story to go along with it.  I knew the basics that would work with almost any story.... a guy gets transformed, hoping for some hot lesbian sex with his girl, but ends up in a three way with a guy.  And as reluctant as he was to participate in that scenario, he soon finds out he loves it.

To get more detail I went to Bren's preferences page.  I know that she really loves 'Karmic Revenge', but I just feel like I've pounded that nail a lot lately.  I'd still try to steer this cap in that direction, but I wasn't going to force the issue.  Instead I looked at some of her other preferences... two things came up that got the creative juices flowing:  lesbian, and prostitute.  The story really solidified there...  guy and his old lesbian college friend meet up years later.  He's hurt that she is now taking male clients while she denied him in college.  She explains that taking male clients is just work, and that she is still just a lesbian.  She then offers to teach him what the difference is.  He is transformed into this beautiful brunette, taken on several 'appointments' with women, and finally with a man.

Where to both their surprise he finds out that he prefers being with the man.

Karmic, no?  It's not really revenge based, but I feel that this will tickle Bren's karmic area.

I then got down to writing.  I figured I had 12 images to work from, so I would just let the story flow out however it wanted.  About 45 minutes later I had a story that I really liked.  But then it hit me... I only had Brenda and Denise with Calvin in the last portion of the story... and all of the images that I had access too included 'Calvin'.  I tried streching some images around so that I could crop him out and make it fit a 'first' panel, and leave this image for the final one... but none worked.  I even spent about an hour looking for a single image of this model (who's name is Jessi Palmer... the blonde is Erica Fontes).  But really none matched the photography style in the image I wanted to use.

So I finally had to settle on heavily editing the story.  There isn't any major points taken out, but some of the more descriptive elements had to go, along with a little more back story.  I took as much away as I was happy with, and along with making the font smaller (16 point) I got it to fit in as you see it here.

Story wise, I love this cap.  It's a fun journy and I think Bren, along with many others, will enjoy it.  Design wise... well lets just say that I hate it.  I let as much of the image show through as I could, but I still feel that the text is covering some major parts of the photo.  And even if the text wasn't covering anything major, the layout of the text just bothers me.  I don't know how I could improve it without making this a two panel cap, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it.

Oh... and three caps in three days... Woo Hoo!!! I haven't done that for a couple months now!


  1. Great job. I really enjoyed this story

  2. Woo hoo indeed! It's great to see you capping here and there again. ^_^ And wow! this was a very nice treat! The last scene with her trying to protest, but instead is kept still and silent.. *groan* And to get fucked so hard, HE'S the one turned straight? hawt!

  3. :)Wow...that Calvin is quite the stud.