Monday, November 5, 2012

Sealed With A Kiss (2)

The no kissing rule can be hard to follow!

So I was in a bit of a mood to cap this morning... but man what a struggle.  I found plenty of images that gave me a brief story idea, but I just kept striking out.  Both of these images had a good beginning  but both of them failed to move from 'idea' to full blown story:

I focused on the 'change' sign in the background, but beyond a quick chuckle nothing came of this sexy funny image. 

When I looked at this image I saw a man that was not only changed into a woman, but was experiencing everything his girlfriend was experiencing.... while she participated in an orgy. 

I still may try to cap both of these images and have saved them accordingly... but it was frustrating to not get either to work.  There was another image that I didn't save, and then I saw this image.

When I saw this image I knew immediately that if that guy kissed that girl (who of course is a transformed guy!) that the transformation spell would become permanent. I even had a title.... 'Sealed With A Kiss'.  I tried an old trick of just writing.  I didn't bother with setting up the story, or worrying about exactly 'how' they got into this position.  Instead I just focused on the kiss.

Well... it failed me.  Without a setup, I couldn't even decide if she wanted to be kissed or not.  I figured one more try though and if it didn't work, I would just give up on it.   This time I sat back and tried to work out the skeleton of the story.

He's helping his girlfriend with her fantasy... of having a threesome with him as a girl.  They save up and buy a magic potion to make it happen, but because they can't afford the 'top shelf' potions, it has the drawback of a kiss making it permanent   They go out and find a man.  He feels strange being a woman, but wants to please his girlfriend.  They have sex, and he lies back satisfied.  The guy rolls over and... NOOOO!!!

I know it seems pretty easy to go from that skeleton to the story I have here.  I didn't add a whole lot of details after all.  But the process took about an hour. When I was done with the story, I moved onto the design.  As I wrote that she was on her back, I figured tilting the image would not only look good, but make the image work better with the story.  Thankfully it also gave me the perfect space to put not only the text of the story, but the title.

I played around with the positioning of the title for about 15 minutes just to get it right.  Getting the right colors, making the glows work (the glow on the brown text extends further than the glow on the tan text), getting it big enough so that the 'with a' was still legible, and getting it lined up just right.

I added my watermark and was ready to call it done.  But when I went to save it I saw that I already had a cap with the same title.  "Sealed With A Kiss".  Beyond both of the caps involving a kiss, they really couldn't be further apart.  With the almost 350 caps I've made, I've never re-used a title.

So for the next 20 minutes, I tried to think of another title.  I came up with a few that might work  including; "It's Just a Kiss", "No Kissing", and "His Last / Her First Kiss"... but none of them worked as well as "Sealed With A Kiss".  So for the first time, I'm making a cap with a title I've already used.  I know fidgeting over this 'problem' this much might seem silly... but it really does bother me.

Anywho.... I think it works pretty good.   It's still damn hard to get into capping, and I can't seem to cross back into the 'dirty' caps that used to be so much fun... but I'm making progress.  Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Well, at least they'll be getting a lot of mileage out of that potion!

    Sorry to hear you had so much trouble capping. It came out absolutely lovely though!

  2. The last NOOO really felt like the final nail in the story. Leaving his guard down for just a moment.. And I really enjoyed the idea that people could just say up money for a potion, but the cheep stuff has some side effects.. lot's of potential in that!