Friday, March 15, 2013

Fantasy into Reality

Do you really want YOUR fantasy?

This is a cap I made for Dani Colorado over at the Haven.  I really enjoy her caps as she seems to do both kind and caring caps as well as down and dirty ones!  So it took me awhile to even get an idea for her.  In all honesty I had this image held back for her as one of her preferences is vaginal sex.  The type of image that I generally go for is a BJ... so when I find a good sexy image like this for Dani, I'll hold it back and wait for the story to come.

But that story took a long damned time... and in the end I barely even used the idea that I came up with.  You see, I've noticed quite a few more meta caps lately... where it goes beyond a fantasy setting and moves more into the capping world.  Not just speaking of the characters as if they were fictitious people to play around with.. but mentioning the fact that we're really TG cappers, and that this isn't a fiction... it's really happening.

I also wrote recently about how it's so hard to really hit our fantasies.  How even trying to describe them out in detail can't get everything just right.  So the idea I came up with yesterday was of Dani and I sharing our fantasies with each other... and then devious little me sends that information on to Dani's girlfriend who can actually make it into a reality.  I got a few paragraphs in yesterday, but it wasn't good writing.  So I held back until this afternoon and started again.

And this time... wow... my fingers were possessed.  I wrote and wrote and wrote about the begining of the idea, but when I got to almost a page of text without even getting to Dani's girlfriend, let alone the transformation I had to start over.  I didn't delete everything as there were some good things that I wanted to use... like having her required to experience ten orgasms.  But instead of focusing on the introduction, I ripped through that part fairly quickly and let the story be more about her 10 orgasmic experiences.

But even with that... my fingers just kept going (Typing.... try to keep your mind out of the gutter for just a few more minutes!).  When I finished I had almost two solid pages of story... and only one damned image.  Actually I had the whole image set (see it here), but only this one that I would work with the story.

So I had to edit out a lot of little things.  Nothing that changed the story, but several fun sentences.  Sadly I felt that my creative burst was starting to wane, so I didn't waste time on saving the original... I just edited it inside of Word, so I can't show you what was removed.

And even then, I had to go down to a 15 point font, and let that words flow around her body just to get it all to fit in.  The text is cramped, it's small, and it's not the easiest thing to read.  But even with all that on my mind, I'm still happy with this one (if history keeps up that means it won't go over all that well).

I hope Dani likes it, and I hope you do too!


  1. I know I praise your caps a lot but... wow. Just wow. That was spectacularly done Caitlyn, I hope Dani appreciates this.

  2. I love the way you seem to have almost perfect control of the way image and story merge into one, you have the eye of an artist in the detail you use.

  3. I can't add anything beyond what Raven & Anne said, other than, Fantastic post !!!

  4. Wow is that a lot of story in one cap, but damn is it worth it. I particularly enjoyed the third paragraph where you describe how she "earns" her orgasms. And I might have to use the wonderfully visceral phrase of "ripped another orgasm from me" in one of my own stories. Great cap, Caitlyn.

  5. probably the most amazing cap in this genre ive seen! wonderfully erotic story that perfectly fit the picture! :)