Friday, March 8, 2013

Sing Sing Sing

Another Cap Failure

Much the same as my last post, this is another cap that I've been working on for awhile.  It wasn't designed for anyone in particular, but I still liked the beginning of the story and I loved the images.  But... I couldn't come up with an ending that was satisfactory.  I knew that 'Caitlyn' would obviously be providing a service to the club owner to guarantee that her band would get a good gig... but I just couldn't present it in a way that meshed with what I had previously written.

I hadn't started the design on this one, so I just took a simple black and white color scheme and a simple text over text box approach to present it here.  If I did finish the story would have done something more with the design, even if it was just using some complimentary colors.

As you can see in the last panel, I added a 'Lorem Ipsum' paragraph .. that's just a matter of me not wanting to edit the size of the text or text box... again it would those things may have been in flux depending on how long the 'end' of the story ended up.

Hopefully by having this and "Innocent Revenge' off my plate, I can stop worrying around them and actually make a full cap.  Probably not, but here's to wishful thinking.


  1. Well, first, the pictures are really quite interesting, so that definitely grabbed my attention. I feel like while the cap had a good set up, it definitely took a little longer than I would've liked to get going. Once it did though, I could definitely see where this could go...

    "His voice slowed to a crawl and I noticed his eyes straying to the tops of my breasts. I tried to hide my amusement. It didn't take a genius to figure out what he wanted, if only he knew. I decided to play along...for the moment.

    He droned on for a minute or two longer before I finally interrupted him. In one swift motion, I had risen from my seat and nearly frightened him out of his as I planted a shiny black heel forcefully between his legs, just inches away from his package. Grabbing him by his collar, I pulled him in, allowing him to get a good whiff of my seductive perfume before I began in my practiced sultry voice, "Look Mickey, let's cut the bullshit. Damien may have negotiated a deal too good for you to refuse, but both you and I know that I could do that and much better for you...much, much better." I licked the edges of my pink painted lips, tasting fresh cherry, as I stared into his eyes, as if that required any further clarification.

    My bluntness must've surprised him greatly as he fumbled rather clumsily with his pants before my steady hands took over. I suppressed a smile as I watched his fully erect member spring out upon being released from the confines of his trousers. He had clearly found the encounter extremely erotic as he had to have been turned on for quite some time now. I made only one request before I began: that he warn me before he climaxed.

    I began hesitantly, my mind drifting away as I began to envision the hundreds of starlets I'd seen giving a blowjob. I did my best to emulate them, maintaining good eye contact and making sure to use my tongue, teeth, and hands in addition to my lips. As emasculating as it was, the experience was not all together unpleasant and over soon after it began. I felt his thighs begin to tense before he shouted out his warning, my cue to cut off all stimulation. My abrupt cessation prompted a flurry of expletives as he desperately tried to bring himself off himself, but I purposely pinned his hands down, preventing him from doing so and provoking a new string of curses. What'd you do that for he yelled!

    With a charming expression, I calmly explained to him that if he wanted me to finish what I'd started, he'd have to sign us first. He glared at me with an indignant scowl, but he zipped his pants up and barked for the remaining members of my band to be sent in. I smiled and thanked him for his understanding.

    When we left Mickey's office that day, it was with a generous contract in hand and a fresh coat of lipstick on my lips. I flashed Damien a wicked smile as we headed out the door. Imagine poor Damien's surprise as Mickey had to explain to him the sudden turn of events. My mates all clapped me on the back for my success though they were all still left to wonder just how I'd managed to convince Mickey in such a short time. My only reply to their questions was that Caitlyn was here to stay. I think they had some inkling though, as when we met for practice the next day, they all had a different shade of lipstick for me as a gift. My favorite, a bright red strawberry flavored one even had a message scrawled on it: Great job! Hope this helps with the taste!" I know that was long...I'd only intended to write a couple paragraphs, but once my fingers started typing they just didn't stop haha.

    Hope you get a kick out of this!

    1. I sure did! That was an excellent pickup and ending to Caitlyn's beginning. You guys should collaborate!


    2. Whoa... excellent story Kendall! It's a different direction than I had originally thought, but still very erotic! If I can find the time, I may just see if I can fit that into the caps (it will obviously need an entirely new layout as I wouldn't want to cut any of what you had written).

    3. Thanks Caitlyn and Leeanne!I'm very happy that you guys enjoyed it!

  2. My heart sank, but I tried to keep up appearances and even shook my hips a little more. I sat down and politely crossed my ankles as Mickey started talking. He said he liked our sound, but Damien had just negotiated a deal too good for him to pass up.

    Damien’s band was good, but it seemed that he wasn’t taking any chances. It seems that both bands had the same idea, that a little bit of feminine appeal would be the big draw for a band. And we were right. The difference is, that while the Cats decided to front the band with me, Caitlyn, the Dime Notes decided on a more direct approach.

    The Dime Notes didn’t bother making any changes to their lineup. They had plenty of musicians skilled with the traditional instruments of a swing band. Instead they brought in Angel, a curvaceous blonde skilled at playing a different type of instrument, namely the “flesh flute”. Officially, Angel was their public relations manager. She set up gigs, sold CDs and shirts, handed out promotional material. Damien made it clear that she would be there every night they played.

    Angel made it clear that she wouldn’t mind if the owner were to “slip her a Micky”.

    I thought we were finished then. All that work for nothing. I was about to thank Micky for his time when he gave me a sly look. He told me that the contract wasn’t finalized yet. And then he added slyly that he’d always preferred brunettes to blondes anyway.

    It took me a moment to realize what he was saying. I wasn’t Calvin, I was Caitlyn. And he was offering me Damien’s contract. His exact contract. All of the “extras” Damien promised would be up to me to fulfill. I had a choice then. I could swallow my pride, walk away without a fight, and go tell the guys I let them down.

    Or, I could swallow something else entirely differently.

    A lot of thoughts went through my head. Conflicting emotions, differing loyalties. Pride that I was so obviously attractive as Caitlyn. Shame that I was so obviously attractive as Caitlyn.

    In the end, we sealed our deal with something a great deal more intimate than a handshake.

    I knew from experience how sexy it was to have a woman looking up at you from between your knees, but I couldn’t do it. Sitting there with his hands on my head guiding me back and forth, his rod hard twitching as it slid in and out of my mouth, the oh so erotic red lipstick I had picked out tinting his flesh, I just kept staring out to where the guys were sitting to remind myself why I was doing this. That thought gave me the strength to not just endure, but to make it good.

    I’m not quite sure how I felt about being complimented on my blowjob technique. The ability to suck cock like a pro is not a talent I’d ever wanted to possess. But getting a belly full of cum also got me a signature on a contract. The Cats were in business. I quickly scrawled my own signature before he could back out, only barely remembering to sign as Caitlyn instead of Calvin.

    That’s when Micky started talking details. The Cats would be playing every weekend for him, and week nights he’d book us out to his friends’ clubs or for private parties for important guests. When I wasn’t playing, I’d be doing public relations work. That meant meeting clients, attending business meetings, or being someone’s date at social functions. And through it all I would be expected to provide my “special services”.

    Realization of what I had gotten myself into hit me like a ton of bricks. My mind went into shock, and the only thought I could hold in my mind was that I was going to go through a LOT of lipstick…

    1. Damn! You and Kendall both did great jobs finishing off this story. I'm freaking impressed!


    2. Whoa... another excellent story! I see I'll be busy making several versions of this cap!

  3. Loved the finished endings here! I think the story you had created so far caitlyn, was actually quite the hot piece of fiction! I was a little stunned when I reached the end and there wasn't anything really there, but the endings in the comments really complimented your opening!

    I liked Kendal's take on the more willing ending, and angels forced ending is more or less where my mind was headed. Very nice! ^_^

  4. Caitlyn : Your Latin text at the end is interesting. In fact it is interesting as some of the words used can have more than 3 transliterations when read. But the actual meaning is interesting. I never knew before that you dabbled in Latin. Depending on which version of Latin you are reading it from it could have 3 seperate meanings 1 sexual in nature two not so much so. 3 types are :
    1. straight Latin
    2. pig latin
    3. Church Latin

    Each has slightly differing idioms to the words.


    1. Monica,

      I wish I could take credit for the latin, but I simply put that in there to take up the space of a paragraph that I never wrote. Anytime I need some place holder text (when I'm playing around with a design and just want to see what text will look like in it), I use a "Lorem Ipsum" generater:

      It generates a paragraph or entire section of text (always starting with "Lorem Ipsum") that pulls from latin and random words. It's only purpose is to look like regular text while having no meaning.

      Although if it does have a sexual connotation, then I'm a happy girl!