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Remnants of Zulo

An animated cap series by it12707

Before I tell you all how much I enjoyed this cap series made by it12707, I need to set the scene a bit so that you can better understand my response.

I don't like the Medallion of Zulo (MoZ).  There's nothing wrong with it... I just don't get enjoyment out of that particular TG universe.  Really I don't like many TG universes, at least when it comes to creating or even reading caps.  I find the 'rules' of the universe to be a little to stifling.  For example in the MoZ there is some kind of time limit on how often a transformation can be made.  It can't be done when the body is menstruating or pregnant and it can both swap bodies as well as transform someone to fit a particular piece of clothing.

Now that's not to say that I CAN'T get enjoyment out of MoZ stories.  Hell... one of the first TG role playing scenarios I did was in a MoZ universe, and I created a whole batch of caps to go along with it (you can see those caps here:).  I've read a few MoZ stories that were interesting, but because they're in a set universe the ending gets telegraphed to much.  For example, a particular story did a good job of explaining the limitations of the MoZ in bits a pieces to keep the unaware reader interested  but if you knew the ins and outs of the MoZ, then you knew what was going to happen.  Whenever I start reading an MoZ story I immediately start wondering if they are going to lose the Medallion, get pregnant, or start menstruating  as all the stories seem to lead to one of those conclusions.

Beyond stories set in the MoZ (or other established TG universes), one thing that really turns me off in captions is pregnancy.  I know, I know... it is one of the very few things that a woman can do that no man can, but it's just something that turns me 'off' when I read a story or cap.  I'd just about put that up there as a 'dislike' as I would incest.

So now that you have my background... the other day I logged into the Haven and saw that it12707 had left a cap for me.  I am always excited to read a cap made for me and saw that this was part of a larger story.  But when I read it... I had very mixed feelings.  First, it was set in the Zulo universe.  Second it ended with my character wanting to get pregnant.

The design and layout of the cap was beautiful to behold, especially as it was an animated picture that moved behind the text.  Even the design of the title was beautiful   And the writing was really top notch.    But the subject of the story just wasn't for me.  After reading it I was tempted to respond with a polite thank you, and say something nice about the design, but fall short of actually saying that I liked the cap.

But as the cap posted to me was part 11 of a 21 part story, I figured the least I could do was read a few panels.  Maybe then I could post something nice about the overall arc of the story.  I am SO glad that I did that.  I started with the first part, and by the time I got to the fourth part I was hooked.  Each part could realistically stand up on it's own, but amongst all the individual stories there was a larger overall arc going on. And even in the individual parts, they really were set up in the preceding part, and only really finished in the next part.

By the time I got back to the part written for me, I realized why I was enjoying it so much.  This wasn't necesarily a story of people affected by the MoZ... it was about the MoZ itself.  Sure, there were stories about individual people and how they each either used or were affected by the Medallion, but the story of how the Medallion got from person to person was the real overall subject.

When I finished reading I was really blown away.   It12707 had done what I didn't think possible... he had written a Medallion of Zulo story that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Here is what I wrote in response to the story on the Haven:



Thanks for following the blog!  It's nice to hear that people enjoy reading about the process, as I really love reading about it too!  And thank you for your concern... I am feeling better about myself even if the situation hasn't changed all that much.  I'm not exactly back to my 'old self'... but then again this just might be the 'new self' that I'll be for awhile.

Now, on to this masterpiece you've written.  You're right... this cap isn't something that would necessarily meet many (or any) of my preferences.  If this were a stand alone piece, I'd thank you politely for the effort as I'm not a huge fan of the Medallion of Zulo, nor a fan of pregnancy.  But before I replied, I figured I should read more of the series to see where you were coming from and... well DAMN!!!!  You have crafted quite the amazing series.   Design wise, each panel and each story were beautifully put together.   The animated pictures did nothing to distract from the story and in fact enhanced each one in its own way.  The font style, color, sizing, and glow were perfect.  And the story?  Umm... wow!?  I mean... WOW!!  I think that you've done a magnificent job of linking interspersed individual scenes into a complex and intriguing saga that makes any simple individual MoZ story pale in comparison.   I think THIS is what any MoZ story should be from here on out, and I think Jennifer Adams would be proud to see her creation taken to such great heights.

From the perspective of someone who doesn't get a lot of enjoyment out of MoZ stories, you've done two things.  First, you've made me appreciate this universe in a way that I never could have done before.  Second, you've made it so that I will now forever avoid MoZ stories as I can't imagine any of them coming across as anything other than a shadow of this tale you've spun.

I try not to gush about caps.   Especially when a cap made for me isn't something that I enjoy (and to be fully honest I didn't enjoy my part of the story as it just doesn't hit the buttons I'm looking for).  But I'm just so happy that you thought to include me on this great ride.  I think you should be ultimately very proud of this story.  I can't recall the last time I read a story set in a universe that I don't particularly care for and got so much joy from it.

Thank you it2707!



I often regret writing such gushy responses.  A good story will always put me on a happy 'high', and I can tend to say too much when I feel that way.  But this time I think I struck the right tone.  This has to be one of my favorite TG cap series.  And that says a lot considering that there is little to no direct sex, it involves the MoZ, and there are no 'hardcore' images.  There's even very little humiliation in the story, which I generally get the most enjoyment out of.

I guess I've teased enough.  As it12707 has this entire series of panels hosted at his own mirror site, I'll link you there instead of hosting them here.  Keep in mind that the images are in reverse order, so start with the last image in the gallery, and then you can click through to each successive panel.

And be sure to leave a comment for it12707.  You can comment on the images directly, you can leave a comment on the story over at the Haven, or you can leave them here (I'll be sure to forward them to it12707).

Without further adeu click on the link to read:

Remnants of Zulo

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  1. I get what you mean about gushing. I do that too much with things I like or with things that make me happy and then I worry that I come off as false. A problem with being so cynical and hard-bitten normally I suspect.

    Still, I 'get' what you mean with the series too.

    Just thought I'd offer my tuppence worth.