Saturday, May 4, 2013

He Didn't Complain

Not even a little bit!
I saw this image set the other day, right around the time I was thinking about caps for T_M.  I really liked the set, but since T_M specifically states that she doesn't want me in her caps, it was a no go.  Thankfully I found another set that worked for her and made "I Hate You I Love You", but that left me with these delicious images.  I was feeling a little cappy this afternoon, so I pulled the image set back up and wandered over to the Haven to see who I owed next.

Well... next up is actually Smitty.  And while Smitty has no problem with having men in his cap (I don't think I've ever made a solo or lesbian cap for Smitty!), it didn't really have a 'Smitty Vibe'.  So I looked at the other people on my list, but honestly they all have similar tastes as T_M... no men.  I figured I could just make up a quick fun cap, but I was also really wanting to make a cap for someone else.  I had settled in on this image and started thinking of who I knew that liked blow job images in their caps.  And when it hit me, I wonder how it ever eluded me...

Jennifer.  Jennifer likes blowjobs in her caps more than I do!

And thankfully making a cap for Jennifer is often like making a cap for myself.  Crossdressing, humiliating, and blow jobs hit the same buttons for both of us.  So I sat back and started writing.  The only thing that made me pause at all while writing was making sure I wasn't going to far off.  Yes, Jennifer likes longer stories (just like I do!), but I didn't want this to end up like "Happiness Found" where I wrote an entire story and had to do MAJOR edits to fit into a cap.  No.. I was still going for a fairly quick fun cap.

I don't think this is a bullseye, but I do think it's close.  I'll have to wait to see if Jennifer likes it, but i the meantime I hope all of you enjoy it out there!

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  1. And I'm not going to complain about this caption, because it's hawt! *insert rimshot here*

    I enjoyed this a lot Caitlyn. It's a simple straight forward idea, but executed so well it raises it to a new plateau.

    And what I mean by that, is that it's a cross dressing cap with a humiliating situation, but you hit all of the right marks. The reason behind going along with it is a lot of fun and fits the story perfectly.

    The whole dress up scene was very sexy, especially the mention of tucking my self in and the water balloons! Not many CD caps mention things like that, and for me, water balloons is how I would try to stuff my bra in the past. It had weight to them and a lot of jiggle, and I can really picture it in this story.

    Great work caitlyn! Thank you! ^_^