Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Love The Way You Treat Me

or is that; Love The Way I Treat You?

This was a fun cap that I made for T_M over at the Haven.  T_M also goes by Felicia (but don't call her that in a cap unless you are uninspired!) and is rather new to Rachel's Haven.  But as I recently learned, she's been capping and part of the TG scene for quite awhile.  She's even published on Fictionmania!  She made me two very creative caps (you really need to check them out at the Haven!) and I've been looking forward to capping her back.  Especially since AnneOniMouse told me "Be warned Caitlyn, Felicia's preferences can make captioning her quite addictive".

When Anne said that, I actually made sure to NOT check out Felicia's preferences.  I had several people to cap before her and didn't want to jump the gun to early.  But once I finished "Every Daughter Needs A Mother", I jumped right back into the saddle and went to check out those addictive preferences.  Here are some things that immediately caught my eye:

  • Female Name: whatever you have in store for me (or simply Felicia, if you feel uninspired)
  • Change Age: Around or younger than 25... [emphasis is Felicia's]
  • Memory Retention: Full! What is the fun in being mocked about your new status if you don't remember your old one? [emphasis is mine]
  • Personal Kinks: I LOVE BEING SLIGHTED!
  • end up weak, young, and/or petite
  • I cannot reach the means to change back anymore
  • fail to do things that I could in my old body because I am too young/too small/too weak
  • end up mocked, teased or humiliated by somebody who was inferior once
Yea... I can see where Anne would think I'd find these preferences addictive.  They are just about perfect for me.  There is only one problem... under Absolute No-Goes Felicia lists:

  • The depiction of males in captions
  • Being attracted to boys (yuck!)
OK... that took it out of my sweet spot.  I love writing up humiliating mocking embarrassing caps.. but to me the ultimate in humiliating and embarrassing situations is performing sex acts with me.  Maybe even having to act as though you are attracted to men (or boys...).  

But I wouldn't let this stop me from making something good and fun for Felicia.  First thing I needed was a photo set.  I looked primarily at sets involving two girls.  Specifically I was looking for one girl dominating or just in general acting more powerful than the other girl.  When I spotted these two bikini clad beauties I didn't expect it to work and they were just too equally cute for what I was looking for.. until I saw THAT image. The way the one girl was holding up the other was cute... but just picture yourself in the one girl's position.  Wouldn't you find it humiliating to have YOUR girlfriend picking YOU up like that!?  

I did too. 

So that set the scene.  While looking at the image I thought I might focus on Felix's feelings as opposed to how he actually got transformed.  That way I could really push the 'mocking' and 'humiliating'.  And once I got rolling on the 'She said, he thought, she said, he thought' format, it came out really easily.  

I didn't even have to add or edit much.  When I moved on to the layout, my first thought was to just put the entire story in a single text box. But then I thought back to a conversation Felicia and I had.  We were talking for a bit on how using different fonts and colors could be used.  In that conversation I mentioned how I had previously used those methods to differentiate different voices... so I figured I may as well demonstrate what I was talking about.  

As is normal for this method, it takes a lot more time than normal.  To make it look clean I have to draw each box out individually.  So in this case, it took about six times as long as it would normally.  Funnily enough I actually only used one font in the entire cap.  My standard font of Calibri.  When Norren is speaking its just in 'Small Caps' format and bold.  When Felix/Felicity is speaking it's in normal format with italics. Making them alternating colors and matching the text boxes didn't take too long.  And once I saw how the text boxes worked, I copied that format onto the title text box. 

I think the story is kinda fun and am happy with it.  The design I believe has promise, but because I let the story get a little long winded, it's a bit crowded.  Not bad.. but not as good as it could be.  

I hope T_M likes it as it's the first cap I've made for her.  In the meantime I hope all of you enjoy it as well!


  1. Damn it Caitlyn! Stop making wonderfully awesome captions! If you don't, I guess I'll have to keep giving you compliments! Wonderful job and I'm sure it'll make Felicia squirm!

  2. I think you did a great job, especially finding a way to honor Felicia

  3. Really fun caption, and I love the pic you used for it.