Friday, May 3, 2013

I Hate You I Love You

Let's just say it's complicated!

This is a fun cap that I made for T_M (Felecia) over at The Haven.  I wanted this cap to be special for her for a couple different reasons. First, this is a return for a WONDERFULLY creative stream of consciousness cap that she made for me.  So far as I know it's only on the Haven, so if you want to see it you'll have to go over there to check it out.  But secondly I wanted to do something special because of the sweet comment she left me on "Love The Way You Treat Me" Not only did it really show that she liked the cap, but it also concentrated what she really liked about it.

What she wrote was this:

Caitlyn, I should have never used so many superlatives around here to show gratitude for the works of all those amazing captionistas around here. Now I am in dire need of them, can still use them, but have to be worried that they sound kinda flat with regards to the astonishingly high quality of your work.

I love it, Caitlyn! Thank you so very very much for it!

The mix of not wanting-wanting-oh, but this is humiliating!-wanting-desiring-being afraid-being small-and then wanting again is what makes this one fantastic. It's like a set of colors layered out well to display an enormous amount of facets of desire!

I think I'm in love

I really liked how she put the mixture.  Not wanting, wanting, oh this is humiliating, wanting, desireing... that gave me an idea of a cap focused entirely on those feelings.  Don't bother with the why or the how... just focus in on how she felt during her transformation.  And of course what format is not only fairly special, but good at focusing in on feelings?  Kinetic Text!

I actually found this image set yesterday, but was in a fairly dark and foul mood.  Not exactly the mood to make a naughty/nice cap with.  So I saved it and took another look at it this afternoon.  Looking at it today, I figured this was perfect... sure I'd like to have an image set where 'Felix' ends up as a smaller girl... but I think this is just too well photographed and sexy to NOT use.  And the expressions on her face... perfect for conflicting feelings.

As I didn't want to really focus on story, I didn't bother writing it out before hand.  I just opened up the first image, took out X-Art's watermark, and started adding text.  The only really hard part was making the ooohs and ahhs come out of her mouth.  Both oooh and aaaah seemed obvious.. but I didn't have another 'sound' that worked with an open mouth.  I mean sure... Mmmm would have worked, but not with her mouth wide open.  So after looking around a bit I finally decided to make up something.  I think the aaaeeei might work well for that wonderful 'approaching an orgasm' sound!

When putting the text in I only used the lighter green color.  I had it in mind that I would be adding another color to give it a bit more punch and contrast... but I wasn't even sold on staying green for the entire cap.  The color works in the first panel because of the background, But once the girls dip down into the couch there really isn't a good color to work off of.  White?  Maybe, but then any conrasting color would be very powerful and I would have to use it sparingly.  Yellow?  Nah... I tend to use the yellow/tan/brown spectrum a little too much.

Once I finished the last panel, I looked it over again and thought that the green looked good.  Maybe not perfect, but not any worse than a blue, purple, pink, or orange would look.  So I stayed with it and just used a slightly more saturated and slightly darker green tone.  And you know... I really like it.  I think it fits into the story.

So... I like this series and really hope that T_M does too.  In the meantime I hope that you all enjoy this cap.


  1. I really like the vibrant font placements and the conflict you played out here

  2. Dearest Caitlyn

    I am, quite truly, somewhat at a loss for words to describe how I feel about this caption. You already know that I love your work. But, dare I say that you may have, in my humble sissy opinion, surpassed anything you have previously done with this caption? I kid you not Caitlyn. There is nothing about this that is not superlative, from the choice of the series of photographs, to the fonts and placement thereof on the photos, to the story and the exquisite capturing (or at least reasonable thoughts inserted) of the energy between the two lovers. And to have flipped it so that it is real for feminine minded guys is amazing. I'll keep reading your captions, just in case you ever create another one that is better, but my oh my, you have done one here.

    I Love You,


  3. I always love your kinetic text work, and this one did not disappoint. From the story, to the image selection, to the layout, everything worked together beautifully to create an awesome experience.