Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LtSL: Kissing

Sissy Kisses are the best Kisses!

I found this image set awhile back.  It has many photos that inspire a lot of different stories, but I haven't been able to make any of them work.  When I was looking at it today though, I kind of locked in on this particular image:

I really liked how it showed the two couples kissing.  The idea that crossed my mind was of a 'kissing class'. Maybe something to do with a sorority... our newly transformed heroine has to kiss a bunch of guys to get in, or something like that.  It was a fun thought, but I felt it would take to long to set up.  That is it would take to long to set up unless I had an existing universe... that's when my mind went to the LtSL series.  This could easily be a "Hey, don't forget to train your sissy in kissing men!" installment.

So I pulled the image into photoshop along with the template for my LtSL caps and got to writing.  I may have gone a little far, but I really enjoyed writing about the various kissing classes and didn't see anything I wanted to part with.  So I put the image and story into the template and came up with this:

Getting the image placement right (having the 'kiss' itself be centered), meant that I had to really push the other couple kissing almost out of the frame.  As I looked at it, I barely noticed them back there.  And if they weren't there, then all I was left with was this one kiss.  I thought it was all right... but not good enough.  So that sent me to Google images looking for a better 'kissing' photo.  And let me tell you, spending a half hour looking at all manner of kissing photos while imagining each one in one of the classroom settings I had just written about is a good way to spend a half hour!

I actually found a lot of good images, but none that had the space for the story to overlay it.  At least not in the 'LtSL' style.  When I came across this one, I almost dropped it as they were only 'nearly' kissing, and I wanted lips touching:

Eventually I decided to use it as it really is quite seductive and it fit into the format I wanted to use.

I'm actually happy with this cap.  The image is sexy and the story is fun.  I think one thing that really gives it a squirm factor is something that Leeanne and I have discussed.... Kissing is far more intimate of an experience than any sex can be.  You are face to face with the other person.  With most other sexual acts you don't need to look the other person in the eye, but with kissing your only choices are to look into their eyes as you make out, or close your eyes.  

I don't know... I don't think I'm conveying my feelings on it very well.  I just look at kissing as FAR more intimate than getting fucked or giving a blow job.  The thought of spending a couple weeks kissing and being kissed by men eight hours a day just sends my own personal squirm-o-meter pegged at the 'WOW' reading. I know we all feel differently, so I made sure to still add the whole leaving a lipstick impression on a guy's cock for those that don't get the squirm from kissing.  But for me?  I could have left that out and still been happy with this.

Hope you all enjoy!


  1. That resort sounds heavenly! I can see the sissies prancing around and standing tippy toe to kiss men on the cheek, blushing as they come down and smile coyishly. A very sensual cap ^_^

    I agree with you about kissing being a far more intimate activity than sex. It's like they say, "if you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss."

  2. Mmmmmm! Sissy delightful! I remember in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts wouldn't kiss Richard Gere because it was too intimate, but blowjobs and fucking we're fair game. A good sissy should be able to use her mouth for pleasing in a variety of ways.

  3. wow! The class name's and descriptions make this SO MUCH FUN! It reminds me of the how to sissyfy your fiance, husband, or step son stories I used to read. Some of my favorite, steamiest stories I've read. So I really got a kick out of this one! Great job!

  4. thats so beautiful i m goint to kiss him so