Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Good Friend

Don't we wish we all had a friend like this?

When I got home this morning I was in a particularly good mood.  So when I came across this great image set (finding it from Artful Porn) I knew I could make a cap from it.  Naturally I was was drawn into the BJ scene.  I don't know why, but the idea for this story just came to my head.  A shy cross dresser takes the opportunity to use a friend's deserted place to have a weekend full of dressing up only to find that the same friend also sent a guy there for him to play with.  It was a sweet and far more willing cross dressing scene, and I chalk that up just to the happy mood I was in.

So I got to writing.  Being a cross dressing blow job story I immediately thought of Jennifer, and used her names of Jennifer and Jeremy.  At first I had the male friend be 'Jerry' and the stud was 'Calvin' (Hey... I'd let Jennifer feel womanly by using my body!).  But as I was writing I realized that having Jennifer, Jeremy and Jerry all together could be a little confusing, so I made myself the friend and found a different name for Jennifer's boy toy.

After the first few paragraphs I knew damned well that this wasn't going to fit in the standard format.  I thought about writing it out as a more detailed story and then editing it WAY down to be a cap, but I thought that without all these fun details that the cap would feel too forced.  So much like "Playing Sissy" before it, I went ahead and used an older layout that allows for a longer story.

I think it went over well. Sure, it's probably not going to make a lot of people happy as it doesnt' have a full transformation in it and isn't particularly forced, but I still like it.  I hope you do too!


  1. A good friend indeed! I liked the slow, soft little scenario you set up here. It moves at a pace that lets you put your self in her shoes and get under your skin. Imagining all of the goings on during the first day, and through out the week after the discovery.

    I'm sure that whole week was soon filled with nothing but embracing my femininity and the pleasures I could bring him. Not to mention my own!

    I'm glad that i popped into your head when you saw the set, because It's so much fun reading about tailor popping in the back of my throat! *giggle*

  2. I think there is a place for an unforced caption. A great story one which most 'gals' would dream of in a perfect world.

  3. I certainly liked it. What's not to like?

  4. I wish it could be me,in her great situation.dee dee.