Sunday, June 2, 2013

Playing Sissy

Playing at being a sissy isn't BEING a sissy!

I've been in the mood to make another cap for Leeanne ever since I caught up on my cap debt and saw Dee's cap for her.  I'd actually half started a cap for her when I saw this image set.  My idea was to write up an erotic sex scene, speaking from the perspective of a woman making love to a man.  I know what you're thinking... 'But Leeanne is a sissy!', and naturally you'd be right.  You see, the twist at the end would be Leeanne describing how she got so lost in the fantasy as her wife took her using a strap on dildo.

I was talking to Simone about the idea, and she suggested something even better along the same lines.   I could write out the experience as Leeanne was imagining it, then write the same situation from the real perspective.  I even went so far as to select an image and lay it out, leaving room for the two halves:

I liked the direction that idea was going... but lost interest in finishing it. I saved it sure that I'd come back and finish it off later.

Sadly, any time I went back to it, I kept just spinning my wheels.  When I tried again Friday afternoon, I got the same result, so I went looking for other images.  I honestly didn't have Leeanne in mind, but when I found this image set I knew I had another winning sissy cap on hand.  I saw that picture, and without the guy in it, I just saw a sissy cleaning out her wife's pussy after a good fucking.

I even went back to our emails so that I could re-read exactly what Leeanne would like to see.  The one part I focused on was that Leeanne liked the idea of her initially keeping the sissy fantasy from her wife.  When the wife finds out she takes charge and leads Leeanne through her feminization.   So instead of focusing on the act in the photo, I went ahead and focused on the path that Leeanne and her wife took, and focused on the differences of someone like me that may dream about being a sissy, someone that may act like a sissy part time, and someone being a sissy full time.  I'm not sure exactly where Leeanne sits on that scale, but I imagine it's between playing a sissy and being a full time sissy.

The story... well yeah I got into the story.  I kept thinking to myself 'just one more quick paragraph'... but then I went off into another direction and would need another one.  Then another one.

When I got done with the story there was just no way it was going to fit into my current design set, so I pulled this format out of the archives and gave it a shot.  I think it's worth keeping the story intact, although I could just as easily see taking this as an outline and making a longer story out of it.

Anyway, I hope that Leeanne likes this cap and I hope that you all like it as well!

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  1. Someone please explain how it is that Caitlyn has managed to eavsedrop on my life...

    Love it! Love, love, love it!

    Big sissy kisses for you Caitlyn,