Friday, June 7, 2013

Taking Pride In Your Work

You should always be proud of the work you do!

This is another cap made for Dunadin... or Brock as he is now known here on blogger.  I mentioned in "Bitter Rivals" that I wasn't sure of his preference to rating.  Thankfully he both responded here and added the preference of R-XXX caps to his profile on the Haven.  With this in mind I wanted to tilt FAR into that side and see what his reaction was.  But as I also mentioned in "Bitter Rivals" it isn't easy to find a hardcore image that focuses more on the guy in the scene rather than the lovely sexy woman.

I thought of X-Art photos as I really enjoy them and they often have great photos of the man, but they are also fairly kind and loving.  While Brock mentions he likes transforming others to be a sex pet, most of his other preferences seems to lean more toward the unwilling transformation.  So as I was flipping though photo set after photo set I kept having trouble imagining the guy lording over the woman... especially when he had an almost kind glint in his eye.  This image (found in this image set) seemed about as close as I could get.  His expression is more one of indifference.  Once that word came into mind though, it gave me an idea.

You see, a friend of mine is having trouble at his job.  He is incredibly passionate about his work and not only wants to do a good job, he wants to improve upon everything.  The problem is that he works for a national big box retailer, and they just don't change quickly if at all.  So all of his suggestions fall on practically deaf ears.  This leads this friend to either be very happy or very angry at work.  I keep telling him that he has to look at this as a job and a job alone.  A 'J' 'O' 'B'.

Well one of Brock's preferred themes is dealing with addicts.  While the specific theme involves Brock being the Kingpin or gang leader dealing with these saps, I thought it might be fun if he was just a 'hired gun' doing his job.  The kingpin needs someone transformed into a girl and he calls in Mr. Brock.  So while the guy getting transformed is going through all kinds of emotional responses, he's just looking at it as a job.  Complaining about restrictions that keep him from doing better, but just taking it in stride and getting the job done.

With that in mind I was able to quickly write out this story on the first try.  I think it does a good job of being squirmy and sexy while at the same time showing how this is just a job to Mr. Brock.

Much like the last cap, I'm still feeling Brock out.  I still have another two caps that I owe him and would like each one to get closer and closer to his sweet spot.  Hopefully both he and all of yo out there enjoy this one!


  1. I have to applaud your attempts to challenge yourself with these last two captions! "Bitter Rivals" was a fantastic piece, and while I don't think this one is quite as squirmy I love the focus on the view-point of a man just doing his job. Keep up the great work!

  2. Caitlyn, you're one of the best cappers I've ever seen. That's why I started making caps for you, after all the ones I've enjoyed from yours before.

    With that said. My capping career is coming to an end before it even really began :/ I've been slowly cutting out things from my life. First video games, then Reddit, and now my plan is to cut out porn and internet sex-related stuff :/


    1. Brock,

      Thank you for your kind words. I'll be sorry to see you go as I think you made some fine caps and had a lot of potential. But RL has to come first and if you think this is important than I'll support your decision.

  3. I absolutely adore all the double entendres you managed to throw in there! Like "a hard job" or "save her ass". I'm a big fan of puns and double meanings so this was quite a treat! Great concept too! Very nicely done Caitlyn!