Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sating his lust

Could you keep him satisfied?

Sorry that I've been absent these past few days.  After posting "Dream Ride" on Tuesday I was out of town visiting with a friend.  I had expected to come back either late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning and fall right back into my normal rhythm, but fate had other plans for me.  It seems that while I was out our furnace took a crap.  Normally this wouldn't be a problem in the summer, but it was the blower so the central AC was out too.  We decided to go ahead and bite the bullet and replace both the furnace (installed about 25 years ago) and the central AC unit (installed about 19 years ago).  Sadly I was needed to assist in several ways.  First we had to get the money.  We have been planning on doing this for awhile now (the furnace has been dying a slow death for several years), and we needed to get a line of credit against the house.

I wouldn't think that this was a problem, but it was a HUGE deal to my mom.  The house has been completely paid off since before my father passed away, and she was nervous about putting a lien on it. She was also nervous as this was the first major purchase she's made without my dad.  She's fretted over buying an $800 computer and even a $150 television... this was a $9000 upgrade to the house.  I helped her select the units (smaller more efficient AC, super high efficiency furnace), helped her work with our credit union to get the home credit line (it's a credit line so that later this summer we can get the roof replaced... something else that's been long over due), and then helped monitor the installation crew.

The good thing is that the installation is finally finished.  The AC actually seems to be working better but it won't get a real test until the temp raises up into the 80s which is where our old unit struggled (and that should be happening tomorrow!).  The furnace has a dual mode blower so even when the AC isn't working it's circulating the air and moving it through the new five inch (FIVE INCH!!) filter.  Hopefully that will help keep the air cleaner.  The only bad thing is that Mom is still worried about the decision... I can't seem to convince her that she made the right choice.

Anywho... that's why I was away.  The installation included directing a new vent to the upstairs addition (it never had direct ventilation of its own), and that vent had to move through my closet.  There was no way I could use the computer (at least not use it for THIS) with an HVAC crew working over my shoulder.

Once I woke up this morning I knew I wanted to make a cap.  I didn't have any specific idea, I just had the creative itch that had built up over three days of not being Caitlyn.  I didn't even bother to look through Fuskator as I new I had several good images held back.  This image (from this image set) didn't have a particular story saved back for it, so it was easy to just let my imagination flow.  I looked at the image as a pre-cursor to many of the caps I make... this is the moment before the protagonist has to accept that a hand job won't be enough.  That anticipation of what the future may hold for Frank and him makes it particularly squirmy for me.

Design wise I had originally just intended a normal squared off text box.  But with the story (that I didn't want to edit down at all) as long as it was I would either have to cover up some of their faces, some of her chest, or some of his cock and her hand.  None of those looked right so I decided to have the more complicated shape and stretch it around her working hand.  At first it was a compromise, but once I had the text and the text box in place I realized it actually helped emphasize what she was doing.

I'm happy with the cap for the most part.  It certainly is better than what I had in mind, which was just a quick cap.  I hope you enjoy it!


  1. I enjoyed this caption what a squirmy curse.

  2. I say quit whining and go ahead and suck his cock already. You're going to love it.

  3. Clever way you use the text to keep the focus on the important things here, Caitlyn.

  4. Love the way you have Frank's still-transforming friend able and having to improvise like that! That kiss seems to go beyond the bare minimum required too.

  5. Hot concept! I quite liked how Frank still hasn't given into his new femininity yet, it makes for quite an interesting situation. Great job!