Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Obscura - Focus On The Now

No Past.  No Future.  Just Now.

That’s it baby.  You don’t have to take him into your mouth.  Yet.  Just lick his manhood.  Worship it.  Let him know that your entire purpose at this moment is to give him pleasure.  Don’t worry about what’s in your panties. 

Don’t worry about the past.  About our marriage, about promises of fidelity, about being my husband, about the desires to dress up in my underwear.  Don’t worry about the future.  About being his boss, about his knowing grin, about being my wife, about all the men we’ll eventually share.

Just focus on the now.  You’re a girl.  You’re my girl.  You’re his girl. 

source: Fuskator 


  1. Mmmm. This just gets me going so, so much. These are the feelings I have with my wife's men. Being their girl when I'm pleasing them, preparing them for her. Love this Caitlyn.

    1. Thanks Leeanne! When I saw the photo, I thought of you and really hoped you'd like it!