Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Obscura - Spoil Him

Forget this so called new age shit!

When I saw the post Brad shared on Facebook I wanted to laugh… and cry.  We both know he’ll never find a woman to spoil him.  And at this point, why would he even bother to look.  He had me over a barrel… we shared an expensive luxury flat, but I lost my job and couldn’t cover my portion.  I was totally dependent on him.  When he asked me to cook, it seemed reasonable.  When he asked me to clean up the place, it seemed fair.  When he asked me to wash his clothes, it seemed proper.  When he was stressed and asked me to leave him alone, it seemed prudent. 

I balked when he asked me to rub his back, but he reminded me of the money I owed him.   And when he asked me to give him some love and affection I tried to walk out.  That was the first time I found myself over his lap receiving “a woman’s lesson”.  There have been many lessons since that fateful night, and as a result I know my place. 

My place is to spoil him. 

source:  Fuskator 

inspiration:  Something I saw on facebook:

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