Sunday, June 7, 2015

Obscura - Proof of Concept

Now he'll pay!

It’s simple really… your father hasn't paid so I have to show him we’re serious.  I have to show him I’m taking his studly son and transforming him into a cock sucking slut.  The not will read something like this… ‘as you can see I’ve already started training your son in the fellatio.  He’s getting better at it every day and will soon be able to turn trick with the best of my whores.  Pay up or I teach him how to fuck next’. 

This should get the old man to pay.  And as soon as he does, we take the money and run.  I’ve already set up the surgeon in Thailand that will finish off your surgeries and we can live like a queen and king.  Don’t worry about a thing baby, as soon as your daddy pays, you’ll never have to see him again!

source: fuskator

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