Sunday, June 7, 2015

Obscura - You Are What You See

Try to obscure your eyes

Are you sure baby?  Every piece of me you seen has transformed you into it’s twin.  Your beautifully feminine face, your luscious pert breasts, your smooth sensitive skin… but you still have your manhood between those shapely thighs.  Are you sure you want to see underneath my panties?

source: fuskator

(The original... it stalled, so I rewrote the above version instead)

She walked up behind me and covered my eyes.  She whispered unusual things to me.  Saying that if I saw her, I’d grow to be like her.  But her voice was intoxicating.  I had to see who this playful girl was.  When I turned around and saw her long golden hair, I felt my own hair flow down past my shoulders.  When I saw her full painted lips, I felt mine plump up and push out.  When I saw her button nose I felt my own schnoz shrink down.  As shocked as I was, I was still surprised that when I saw her smile… I felt my own smile spread across my now cute feminine face.

She took me to her apartment.....


  1. I like the second version. It leaves more to the reader to complete.

    1. I agree. The second (non original) version is designed to stand alone. The original would have been one of my more standard stories... sadly the train came off the rails and I couldn't finish it.