Monday, June 8, 2015

Obscura - Prove it!

I call 'Pics or it didn't happen'

OK, so Roger CAN make a woman cum five times over just using his tongue.   Now I just have to admit that he’s right.  That’ll break the curse and give me my man’s body back.  I’m sure we’ll laugh over this one day.  MMmmmm  Ahhhh!!!!!

Maybe we shouldn’t be so hasty…. I wonder if that boast of him fucking for two hours straight without cumming himself is true too?  

source:  fuskator

(Another stall.  Original below)

We all lie… right?  I mean when I say that I can give a girl four orgasms just using my tongue, then the natural response is that you can do it five times over.  Rog and I would go at this all the time.  I bedded three girls in one night… he slept with five.  I fucked a girl for an hour straight without cumming, he did it for two.  I convinced a woman to give me a blow job by just tweaking her nipples, he did it with just words.  So why did I make that wish… why did I wish that I could tell just how good ol Roger was with women?

I swear, once he proves that he can make me cum.....


  1. Once again, I think your re-start hit it out of the park. You have good instincts. But I bet the first attempt is positively influencing the final post.

  2. They both have a certain charm, but the story right below the picture is definitely better.