Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Month To Prepare

Man Up Dude!

We had a month to prepare.  A month to save our manhoods.  Sometimes I just don’t get Derick… how exactly did he think that what he was doing would properly prepare him.  The curse was sinister, sure… but it was simple.  Thirty days after we met the old crone, we’d have to each get fucked by a real man.  We’d have to cum as only girls can and then we’d get to our old bodies back.  If we didn’t do it exactly like that, we’d spend the rest of our lives as these two women.

I knew from the get to that it wouldn’t be easy.   That we’d have a hard time enjoying sex enough to actually orgasm if we were still fighting against this forced femininity.  So I dove in feet first.  Literally feet first… I got a cute pedicure. I got a manicure.  I got my hair styled.  I spent a shit load of money on new clothes and wore them all the time.  Skirts, and panties, and stockings.  Heels, and bras, and low cut tops.  I read a couple romance novels and imagined myself as the heroine.  I still watched porn, but I watched all the girly stuff.  The slow building lovey dovey stuff where the woman always had multiple orgasms, and the guy spent a good 10 minutes eating her out.  In short, I tried to be the all the girl that my body showed to the world.

And what did Derick do?   He took every opportunity to use his new body to take advantage of girls.  He joined a gym and spent all the time there in the locker room watching the ladies undress and shower.  He went to the bar, accepted all the free drinks to him and then made fun of the guys doing the buying.  He wore baggy sweat pants never bothered to shave his legs.  Hell, the only reason he looks decent tonight is I took him out and got a brazillian wax and a massage.  Even there, he took the female masseuse saying it was gay to have a guy rubbing all over him.  I took the guy figuring it was like the appetizer for the dinner later tonight. 

And here we are.  We picked up this hunk of man meat at the bar, got him to drive us to his place and got liquored up.  Do I want to be sucking his big fat cock right now?  No.  No I do not.  But if it keeps him hard while Derrick cries like a little girl, then I’ll do it.  But I swear to God if Derick doesn’t man up and let this stud fuck him soon, I’m just going to push  him down and start riding the pleasure tube myself!  If the curse fails because we both didn’t follow through with it, I’ll still help Derick out… but at least I’ve started to prepare for what my femmy life will be.  Derick… he’s so screwed.

source:  fuskator 

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