Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Living a lie for him.  Living a lie for her.

.Marisa and I had a healthy loving marriage.   We agreed early on that we wouldn’t hide anything from each other.   Fantasies included.  We explored each other’s darkest secrets and our love only deepened.  The fantasy I most commonly came to was being dominated by a sexy woman.   Marissa’s was dressing me up like a girl.  We finally decided to combine our loves and for the past three months I’ve taken a hiatus from work and have been living as her little sissy.     Having her be my mistress all the time was intense, but felt so right.

One night while Marisa was away on business I was doing just as she said. I had my hair and makeup on and was wearing just my gaffe and a sexy silky pair of panties.   I didn’t hear our neighbor’s college dropout son enter our apartment, and he stood there and watched as I practiced prancing around and speaking in my femme voice for at least 10 minutes.  I should have told him to leave.  I should have threatened him with breaking and entering.  I should have called his parents… but I didn’t do any of those things.  Instead when he threated to tell my wife what I was up to and pulled down his pants I did as he said and kneeled down.   Maybe it was being in sub space for months on end, but I couldn’t refuse him. 

When he left and told me he’d be back next time Marisa was away I still had his cum on my face… his taste in my mouth.   When my lovely Mistress returned the next day I knelt in front of her and told her everything.  She smiled and pulled my lips to her lovely garden.  As I licked and pleasured her she told me that she had seen everything on the security feed.   Live.  That she had never been as turned on as when I was kneeling before ‘my man’ and doing as he said.   That she pleasured herself and orgasmed as she watched ‘my man’ pull out and cum into my open mouth. 

Our new lifestyle was made permanent when I quit my job the next day.  I would live as my wife’s.. my mistress’… sissy.  As a sign of my devotion she wanted me to let ‘my man’ continue to blackmail me.  I was to do anything he asked in return for not letting her know.  The only difference between that first night and all the ones that followed was I had to send her a text whenever he came over. 

She loved to watch from her hotel room.

source:  fuskator 


  1. Damn. You have created some hot scenarios lately and this one was scorching.

    1. I agree! Consistently amazing day after day.

  2. Thank you both for commenting in this way! I was afraid that maybe I was writing to much of this type and was considering tamping down the idea of making more. I guess I'll keep going if the muse leads me this way!

    1. You have turned the obscura into an art form. You've been able to examine your scenarios in a depth that isn't typical for captions. Coupled with your descriptive writing it allows for deeper immersion that's still a digestible size. I look forward to your posts in my reading list and you've given me a good reason to.