Thursday, November 12, 2015

Your Very Own Sissy!

It's my gift to you babe!

I told you babe, he wasn’t anything but a sissy that needed a strong man and woman in his life.  I know, I know… you thought he was just some sensitive guy that would bend over backwards to be with you.   I’m sure he probably thought that too.  But real guys aren’t like that.  Trust me, no real man would dress up like a chick to sneak into his girl’s dorm room.  I mean look at me… I just snuck in through the window! Yes, he was very clever with that idea… sissy’s are very clever people.  I mean think about it, they spend almost their entire lives fooling everyone around them into thinking they’re just regular guys.  But deep down they all want the same thing. They want a strong willed woman to put makeup on their face, make them wear panties and dresses and skirts and stuff.  They want a strong willed man to take them by the hair and feed them cock. 

Nope.  My hand is just back here to hold her hair back.  I’m not pushing her up and down my cock.  I mean see that look on her face?  She’s loving this!  Look babe, I know you thought I was just some egotistical jealous jock jerk before you broke up with me.  That going for some sweet sensitive type was going to be better.  But now you can see how much I love you… I’m willing to give you your very own sissy.  It’s like having your own girlfriend, Barbie dress up doll and Tamagotchi all wrapped into one!  But you’re going to have to take good care of her!  Sissies need a lot of love and attention.  My roommate will hack into the school database and change things… his gender will change from man to woman and she’ll be assigned as your roommate. 

Your going to need to be strict with  her too.  I’m sure once we’re done and I sneak back out the window she’s going to tell you some fantastic tale.  Probably some story involving me blackmailing her.  It might even include us in high school and her stealing my girlfriend just before prom.  And hey, we did go to high school together, but that’s why I know she’s a sissy.  It’s natural for her to lie like that… she’s going to feel guilty.  Guilty for lying about her true nature, guilty for trying to fool you into thinking she’s a man, and guilty for really wanting this deep down in her sissy heart.  Don’t be mean, but be strict.  Give her lots of love and lots of spankings and she’ll turn around.  For the next few nights I’ll sneak in here and give her my cock.  It’s like a natural pacifier for sissies.  That means I won’t be able to give you your orgasms… but sissies love eating out their girlfriends, so keep her tongue busy between your thighs.  After all… a licking tongue isn’t a lying tongue!

source:  fuskator

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  1. If that guy was a sissy all along or if he never wanted to be one... in the end he will be transformed. What a clever set-up. Soon he'll crave his clean-up duties.