Sunday, November 15, 2015

Word Your Wish Quickly

Watch out where you hesitate!

When Jeremy and I found the medallion at that second hand store we thought it looked kind of cool and decided to buy it.  When the old proprietor warned us that it could grant wishes we laughed it off.   Getting back to our apartment Jeremy picked it up and with a smirk started talking.  “Oh great and powerful medallion, I wish I had a woman here.  She should be perfectly feminine, overtly submissive, and sexy beyond compare.   She should have dark hair, sultry bedroom eyes, and smooth sensitive skin.”

We both waited for a moment and started to laugh when a large booming voice said out of nowhere “GRANTED”.

In a flash a woman appeared on our couch exactly as Jeremy described.  When she smiled and bent over the back of the couch, Jeremy tossed the coin to me and started undressing her.  I couldn’t rip my eyes from her as each part that Jeremy disrobed was sexier than the last.  Her breasts were small but perfectly shaped.  Her ass was exquisitely curved and her pussy was bare, moist, and responsive.  

Looking down at the coin I said quietly “Oh great and powerful medallion, I wish I was her…”  Loverboy?  That sounds a little odd.  Perfect lover?  That’s probably Jeremy and I don’t want to be him.  Friend?  No, I want to be far more than a friend to her.  

My thoughts were scattered when that same booming voice came from nowhere again and said “GRANTED”.   In a flash my perspective changed.  I was bent over the couch.  I could feel my breasts hanging from my chest and the moistness from between my shapely thighs.  My mouth gaped in shock as I realized what the coin heard… ‘I wish I was her.”  I only had a moment to consider my vulnerable position when I felt Jeremy’s hand grasp my hip and his cock slide easily into my tight snatch.  

source:  fuskator

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  1. Great post! Clever way to handle the misheard wish!