Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fine... I'll help you out

How exactly is this helping?

Whoa... two in a row?  I may be posting this a couple days after the fact, but I actually made this cap immediately after 'Because I Know Best'.  I was in a good mood and just decided to peruse Simone's tumbler.  I honestly didn't expect to find anything there as I was in a more overtly XXX mood.  But like quite a few images I found there, I spotted a clean image that immediately had the dirty side of my mind dancing in delight.

The first thing that I thought of when I saw this image was her saying "Wait... what!?".  And of course that got the story rolling.  My first attempt was going to be a back and forth conversation.  Here's what I had before it kind of petered out:

Jerry, are you complaining?  Seriously?  After all this effort I put into hiding you?  Look, I didn’t make you borrow money from my new boyfriend Rex.  

But you suggested he’d lend me…

Okay, but I didn’t make it so that you couldn’t pay him back.  

But you said you needed some money to pay your…

Well I certainly didn’t make you run away from him!

But you told me he’d really hurt me if I…

Hey!  I didn’t force you to come to my apartment!

But you said he’d never think to look for me here and….

Shush.  I didn’t demand you put on my vintage skirt and blouse!

But you took my clothes and said you didn’t have anything else that would fit me…

Shut up!  I’m not the one in this conversation that put you into a wig, shaved off your body hair, put makeup on your face, or fake nails on your fingers!

But you said if I was going to wear these clothes in your apartment that I’d have to…

I really liked the banter aspect this offered, especially the various ways she kept telling him to shut up.  But it got old pretty quick and I realized I'd still end up with a longer final paragraph when it came to me that this wasn't a 'good guy in a bad spot' story but a 'tricked and coerced' story.

Now it can still be read both ways... maybe she's just a ditz.  Maybe she's self centered and helped an old boyfriend out by directing him to her new boyfriend's lending service.  Then, without any consideration of him just recently borrowing the money himself, borrows the money from him and ends up screwing him with her boyfriend.  She tries to help but unwittingly puts him in an even worse situation.  When she see's the opportunity to both have her new boyfriend get a blow job and help out her old boyfriend get out of the bind by GIVING the blow job, she goes with it and thinks she's really helping out.

The way I had it in the back of my head though is more devious.  She thought of her old boyfriend as kind of a wimp, which really infuriated her when he broke up with her.   So she gets a new boyfriend who's more of a natural tough and comes up with a plan of revenge.  She sets up her old boyfriend in a debt situation, then plays on his generosity making sure he can't pay the debt back.  Acting all innocent she lures him to her apartment where she knows big old mean Rex is coming and then convinces him to get dolled up only to lay out that the disguise isn't going to work.  She now has him and gets him to accept the ultimate humiliation.... giving her boyfriend not only a single blow job, but many blow jobs.

You know.... after writing both of those out, I don't really know which I like better.  Getting duped by an old angry flame is appealing, but then again it's just funny to consider a ditsy old girlfriend accidentally manipulating you into this position.  I mean, if this really happened, could you be angry at her?  She's just trying to help and as humiliating as being her boyfriend's cum dumpster is, it IS saving you from a severe beating!

Lemme know which backstory you like better!

source:  Modern Goddess:  TG Captions Tumbler

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