Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 'Murica Day!

All for the love of a puppy!

I just wanted them to skip the fireworks this year.  Lighting M-80s and bottle rockets is all fine and good but it scares the living shit out of my puppy.  All the half-drunk guys with their cans of Bush and Budweiser scoffed and jeered until one of them stood up and told me that they’d keep their celebrations quiet so long as I provided them with an equally entertaining patriotic display. 

“Umm… hi?  I’m, um… Todd… and I’m here to help celebrate ‘murica!”

I didn’t know they were all warlocks when I said agreed.  And if the wetness down here is any indication…. There’s going to be fireworks of some sort going on anyway!


Seriously, all the fireworks are scaring the living hell out of my dog.  Just wanted to have a quick Independence Day post.  I'm not the most patriotic person around but I do like a good fireworks show, and as a marching band music enthusiast this is the only time of year I get to share my wonderful John Philip Sousa collection and not get jeers.  YAY 'Murica!  

source:  No source, just searched google images for 'murica and this came up.  

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