Saturday, July 15, 2017

Learning By Example

Life experience is the best teacher

It started innocently enough, but now as I caress Sheri’s soft ass and pull apart her sweet pussy lips I’m really starting to get scared.  Was it just a couple months ago?  It feels longer.  I guess it was her fingernails first.   She held them up and had me study them so closely.  The smooth texture, the bright saturated red color, the almost sharp tips.  She described them in such great detail that I could almost imagine having them at the ends of my own fingers.


She wasn’t satisfied with my knowledge so she guided me through putting on my own fake nails and coloring them.  That was followed by learning how to move and manipulate objects with them on.  And how to maintain them and keep them looking fine and feminine.  I passed off the nails at work as a joke and for a while the guys accepted it.  But just as it seemed she was satisfied with my knowledge…. She had me look closely at her face. 

She described her lipstick, her blush, her foundation, her eyelashes, her eyeshadow, her plucked and shaped eyebrows.  After hours and hours of intense learning she didn’t think I knew enough so I was taught how to apply my own makeup.  Taught how to clean it off and put it back on.  Taught how to pick out my own colors and how to shop for it.  How to accessorize it with my clothes, with my attitude, and with the time of day.  I tried to complain.  I tried to explain.  I couldn’t wear this makeup at work.  But she insisted that I learn and I had to take a lot of ribbing at work. 

She taught me about her hair.  I now have long luxuriously smooth hair.  The guys compliment me on how pretty it is.  She taught me about her skin.  My skin is soft and hairless.  My coworkers commend me on how touchable it is.  She taught me about her feet.  My feet are now pedicured and smoothed and stockinged and heeled.  Everybody at work agrees that they really show off my skirts. 

And now as Sheri tells me how delicate and pleasurable and stretchy and accommodating and pretty a pussy can be…. And now as Sheri’s hands rub over my scrotum and penis… are they getting smaller?  Are they getting more delicate?  I she giving me….

What will they say at work about my new pussy?

source:  fuskator


  1. I expect they well say nice things to your face and bad things behind your back.

  2. It's not what they say at work but the after hours should be quite interesting.


  3. Delicia de cu e buceta belas,adoraria lambe-la todinha e socar essa pica até o saco,nu aqui e meu pau levantou,que tesão lindas,beijos....