Monday, July 3, 2017

Because I Know Best

Do I need a better reason?

I think I've mentioned it here before, but one of the most powerful caps I've ever read was a simple photo of a woman pulling another woman to her breast with the phrase "Do you want to be next?" as the only story.  The combination of the image and the text was just amazing and I really wish I could find it again so that I could show it to you here.

Anyway... I saw this image as an homage to that.  For whatever reason, when I saw this image I knew this was an older woman who had been transformed herself years ago and that she was feminizing as many men as possible.  Not only that, but the lovely new girl cuddling in between her breasts wasn't the subject, but the friend of the subject.  Her little smirk on her face was directed to the subject as she more or less said 'Do you want to be next?'

Of course, I've never been good at being brief and I felt that it needed at least a little exposition, so I laid out the story as you see it here.  The only change I did once I pulled it into Photoshop was to break it up into two paragraphs.  It was originally just one big block, but that didn't work design wise.
I think I'm happy with this.  It's simply and doesn't cover any new design ground, but it really doesn't need to.  If you're curious, I cropped the image in, I put a gradient behind the text to help it pop from the background, I added a glow behind the 'Best' and then took some colors from the woman's lips and applied it to the text, the title, and the gradient.  At the very last moment, I added a darkening effect around the edge of the photo.  It helped focus the eyes on the women (not that her lovely face nestled in between those breasts need all that much help!).

In case you're curious (I was!), this is my first real cap since November of last year.  7 and a half months.

source:  fuskator

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  1. I love it! Powerful, beautiful image and a great caption to go along with it. Nice progression, right through the final twist.