Saturday, March 19, 2011

DOMINATED! but by who?

Is it being dominated, if you are following everyones orders?

So I continued my 'getting out of cap debt' tour yesterday and decided to make a cap for passonte over at the Haven.  I was in a capping mood, and figured this would be a good time!  That is until I read her preferences. It was something that I had not capped before.  You see passonte wanted to be transformed into a dominating woman.  But that dominating woman could be submissive if the male persona, Pablo, retained to much control.

Now obviously I like caps where the person doesn't like, enjoy or want the transformation.  And I have made plenty of those.  I have also come to grips and made a few caps for people who want the transformation.  But as I was reading this, 'Pablo' doesn't want the transformation, but would be submissive if left in control.  If he wasn't left in control, Alectra would be dominant.  passonte has several other alter egos to play with including Raffside, who is a bimbo.  But Raffside comes from Pablo being transformed into Alectra, and then retaining too much control for too long.  But passonte doesn't want a direct transformation directly from Pablo into Raffside. There is also Shiori who is more or less an asian Alectra, but has more a more submissive nature, but is difficult to control and force down that submissive path.  Oh yea, and Pablo retains all of his memories.

Umm.... what?

To say I was (and still am) confused is an understatement.  In fact now that I re-read passonte's preferences there is nothing in there that says Pablo doesn't want to be transformed, but being that Alectra is only Alectra if Pablo doesn't get control tells me that the transformation (at least into Alectra) isn't desired.

I tried to wrap my head around these preferences for awhile and just couldn't come up with a scenario.  I took another swing this morning.  I figured I needed some visual inspiration.  So I looked for 'sexy leather blowjob'.  My basic idea was to have a dominatrix dominate Pablo, who has some reaction and ends up as a dominating woman, who dominates the dominatrix.  To retain his memories, Pablo would need to be a voice inside Alecta's head.  I hoped to find a good photo with a known model.  I would then try to find a photo of that model in a lesbian photo shoot.  So I would have a two panel cap, and plenty of room to write out.  I felt that I needed this space as this wouldn't be a straight forward transformation story.

Oddly enough this is the image I found (not quite sure how its a 'leather blowjob' but it did get my mind rolling:

What I got from this image is a woman in a fetal position, confused, possibly humiliated, almost defiantly working against her own will, both in the blow job and the self touching.  Confused?  So was I, but that seemed to match what I was looking for.

With the preferences I couldn't come up with a 'basic' idea and start writing.  I needed to set out the plot from point A to point B to point C and make sure I didn't run over passonte's preferences.  So looking at this image and the feelings I got from it, I figure this is Pablo.  He is being told to give this guy a blow job, but Alectra isn't the one dominating him.  It is someone else.  But with this guy in a hospital gown, I didn't think it could just be him.  So how about the 'technicians'?  That works for now.  But Alectra IS in Pablo's head... and she doesn't like Pablo allowing himself to be dominated (at least being dominated by someone other than her!).  So she is going to get her pleasure one way or another, and is forcing Pablo to reach around and play with his new pussy.

I write that out quickly and like it.  But I still need to get Pablo dressed in a candy striper outfit, in a room with a guy in a hospital gown, and some technicians dominating him.  I could probably leave that out, but I feel that it will be a little better with that information.  I want to give a good introduction and 'confuse' Pablo enough that he and not his female voice will choose to give someone a blowjob.

After a bit of thought I get the idea that he is part of a drug trial that went wrong. It was supposed to make him confident and strong, but instead make him a beautiful woman, and gave him the 'Alectra' voice in his head.  From there, the rest fell into place.  The techs want to help him, but first need to run some tests.  They put him in a room with a successful drug trial participant and see how they react with each other.  The guy is now strong and confident, and just assumes that this beautiful woman is here to pleasure him.  The techs continue to tell Pablo to just follow his gut, while Alectra in his head berates him and tries to get him to act like a dominatrix.

Whew.... That is a lot of details to come up with BEFORE I actually start writing out the story.  But as I go over it, I think it matches passonte's preferences.  So I get word open and start writing.  The writing came easy because of all the fore thought I had done before.  But I come across a problem that I often find myself in.  Too much story, for to little photo.  I proof read, but don't want to edit anything out.  At a glance, I think I can fit it all onto a large single page.  So I move on to design.

The first thing I do is crop the photo down.  My first attempt at getting out everything unnecessary is this:

It keeps all of 'Pablo' in the frame, while taking out the guys head.  His face isn't necessary, and in fact without it it is easier to imagine him dominating Pablo a little better.  I set up a 1000x1200 canvas, make the title bar, and drop in the photo.  As the photo is showing the very last of the story, I put it at the bottom.  I copy the text out of word, and paste it in.... and I don't even get half of the story in.  I try a smaller font... no go.  I try a different font.... no go.

I know I need all the space I can get, so I crop the photo down some more.  I keep in her hand on her pussy, and I keep the top of her head in... just to make sure it is clear that his hand isn't forcing her onto his cock.  I come up with this:

I left some empty space behind her, just so I could keep it 'long' and not to square.  As much as I would like to think that this crop would give me enough room, I know it won't.  So I go ahead and change the canvas size to 900x1500.  I know, I know... thats both longer and thinner.  But I have to consider file size as well.  If I left it at 1000 pixels wide, I would probably only end up with 1400 to work with for height.  And it turns out that 900x1500 worked out just fine.


  1. I took her preferences to be more of a "choose your own adventure" type of challenge. If you are going to do THIS, then you have to work in THAT.

    My suggestions for avoiding confusion with preferences in general, and here I will cut and paste what I had discussed a few years ago(!) in Shop Talk on the Haven.

    “Oh God, I have to do a caption for **fill in the haven person** and I don’t know what to do. I am not really a fan of **fill in preference** Any ideas on what I can do?”

    I’ve gotten that a few times from people, and felt like that once or twice. We tend to fall into little groups here in the haven. People that like pregnancy, Asian changes, revenge stories, etc … will often times gravitate towards others of the same preferences. What can we do to break out of our shell, stretch ourselves creatively, and not gag on the “assignment” yet still give an honest effort?

    (a) Try to make sure you digest the preferences and think about what they are looking for in a return caption. Is there a hook as to how you can make what they like mesh with what you're comfortable in making? There is usually a bit of leeway there to play around with. Someone with REASONABLE preferences should have SOMETHING that can grab you.

    (b) When people supply pictures, USE THEM if you are having trouble with a story idea. They are there for a reason! If pictures are worth a thousand words (Cliché land ahoy!), you’re already set up with a ready made premise. Conversely, if you are a person with weird preferences, put some pictures up to help out others find what you’d like to have. There are only SO MANY pictures of Austrian amputee dominatrix dressed like Smurfette holding a bowl of fruit out there!! Give us some HELP!

    (c) Look what everyone else has done for this person. It’s a bit harder when they’ve only gotten 3 captions returned in their folder. Once they’ve gotten 8-10, you should have a good clue as to what others are doing with the same preferences you are having trouble with. Responses in the captions will tell you how enthusiastic they are about the captions that have been done for them. Read between the lines a bit, no one outright criticizes a caption when it’s been done for them, so feel out what they appreciate and what they tolerate.

    (d) Ask the person directly how they’d like a caption from you, what it would look like, and what type of content should be in there. Can’t be much more interactive than that, right? The receiving person is definitely going to like it if they had a hand in its creation. Perhaps they like the type of caption that you’ve created for others, and would like something just like that, BUT with a certain tweak you might not have thought about. I like being changed into an Asian woman occasionally. If I caption a certain few people in the haven, I’m PRETTY SURE they’ll create a good Asian caption back to me. Perhaps that is why they captioned you in the first place!

    With all that being said, you did a wonderful job in creating a caption that falls within the groundwork you laid down beforehand. That preparation is most likely the biggest thing that led to its success. Even better, you showed people how to work through the difficulties of making captions that aren't necessarily in your usual wheelhouse.

  2. I apologize first to you Cait, i didn't want to be a nuisance for anyone, i didn't know i'm that complex :3
    I put my characters in my folder like that because i enjoy a well told story rather than poof here is your "hotty" pic enjoy and then in the other side of the cap is a rather bland story, fortunately that doesn't happen in the Haven but i've seen others places with caps like that, but then again you don't have to follow the preferences like the holy bible as Dementia said you can choose any character, you don't have to blend them all in the same story, for Raffside for example you could have pointed in the story that Pablo was months in there and Alectra was already getting tired of Pablo submissiveness but she was getting weak because of Pablo and growing accostumed to getting forced :3 just another story getting out of my head.
    But still your effort is great, i can only say that sometimes i find myself in a writer's block with some people but then again i struggle to make some good caps and for example the cap that took most of my time once i started working it was for Smitty and the story of the Darklights, there was so many characters in there and many preferences so it ended up in a holey moley(insert trumpets here)26 sized caps story :3

    Biggest effort ever about a week to end it up, i know this isn't a job but i find it rather satisfying and on top of that i practise my english "giggle"...

    For that i created my own place where i can write about whatever story i want without being forced by other people's roads

    Nevertheless i very much loved your story and it really gonna be one of my favourites

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  3. @Dee

    Thanks! I hadn't seen that post before, but I believe it stand the test of time, and should be reviewed by the Haven membership. Not that many people NEED to read it, but I think we can all get stuck in our own path and just avoid preferences that confuse or scares us off.


    Absolutely no reason to apologize! Considering that you liked the result I produced, I have to say that you wrote your preferences out fairly good. My biggest concern is that it may throw people off of making caps for you. I hope people do what I did and push a good cap out, but if I was in the mood to cap and came across your preferences when NOT in debt to you, I may have just moved along to a greener (and easier) pasture. I won't now.. I feel that your preferences can lead to many new and interesting stories... but some people may not ever come back and give you a cap that really turns you on in a way that you never thought would.