Saturday, March 12, 2011

Not All Wishes Go Wrong

So if everything is going wrong, do you wish for what you want, or wish for something else and hope it goes 'wrong'?

O.k. so technically this isn't a TG/TF cap.  But for those of us that enjoy the whole 'wishes gone wrong' caps, I figured this would be the perfect entry into this month's Caption Contest on the Haven.  The premise came to me as soon as I read about the contest.

Instead of going with the standard "St Patrick's Day" cap for march, Ashley decided to have a two pronged idea.  You could either select to make a cap around "Extraterrestrial Abductions Day" or "Everything You Think Is Wrong Day" where everything goes wrong.

The very first thing I thought about was all of those wishes gone wrong caps.  I've even done one "Apprentice Genie".  You know the type though... you wish for something and it goes wrong with you ending up as a woman, or a sex staved nypho surrounded by men... but I digress.  Wait... I want to hold on to that digression for a moment....

Just a bit more....

o.k... I'm done.

Now where was I?  Oh yea, we all know about the wishes gone wrong.  Well with that thought in mind, if I was having a bad day and found a magic lamp, wouldn't I try to outsmart the day, and wish for something that I don't want, hoping that when the wish inevitably goes wrong I get what I actually want?  And of course when I do that, wouldn't that plan then go wrong?

I thought it was at least worth a chuckle.


  1. Funny and unfortunate caption.

  2. Great cap. I like the twist. It's rare these days to get a chuckle from these things. :-)