Sunday, April 3, 2011

DOMINATED! by Alectra!!!

I believe this is my first sequel!

So if you read my previous post, you know that I was in a capping mood.  But this cap really took a different form that I thought it would when I wrote that.

After making "DOMINATED! but by who?" and getting Alectra's comments on it, I felt I had a pretty good handle on her preferences.  She had mentioned on the haven that she would have liked to see it move all the way to Raffside.  So naturally when she capped me again, my first thought was to make a Raffside cap.

My first few attempts at a basic story idea didn't feel right though.... I liked the idea of going from Pablo, to submissive Alectra (as he fights for control), to Dominant Alecrtra (as he loses control), and then to Raffside (as he fights harder for control seeing what Alectra is like).  But it would take quite a bit of verbal manipulation to summarize the first few physical and mental transformations.  I was afraid that I would end up with a situation like "Girly Girl" where I try to write out a short introduction, and end up with three pages of it, and no pictures to go along with it.

That is one of the reasons my first few attempts failed (it wasn't the only reason, just one of them).  But after some thought, I realized that I already had a good introduction.  I have Pablo in his physical transformation, and his first mental transformation.  So why not just continue that story?

I liked it, and tried that a few times.  But I still felt that to get to Raffside from that point, that it would take a lot of skipping and jumping around.  And the more I thought of it, the more I wanted to see just how dominating Alectra could really be.  So I shifted gears again, and went with a Dominating Alectra cap instead.

But lemme tell you, finding the right dominating picture isn't easy.  Especially with a redhead.  I don't know if I'm not using the right terms, but I can find dozens of good submissive redheads... just not many good dominating ones.  After a few failed search attempts I came up with this image:

I liked the calm cool almost blasé look on her face.  I figured I would cut it down to a tall vertical image showing from her cigarette, to her left breast, from the top of her head, to the bottom of his ear.  But something about the image didn't sit right with me.  And before you think it... no the cigarette doesn't bother me.  I smoke myself (quitting this summer hopefully).  This is the image I mentioned in the previous post.

The basic story is that she was dominating Calvin from the first DOMINATED cap.  Getting even for making her perform oral on him, by making him perform oral on her.  I liked the idea.... but like the image, somthing just didn't sit right with it.

So I started by searching for another image. I gave myself 30 minutes to find another image.  Happily I found the image you see in the cap.  And with a little thought, my story idea still worked.  Just with Calvin transformed into a sissy slave.

And now that I write about it, I think I got why I didn't like the image or the story... Dominating a full masculine Calvin is one thing.  But dominating him into a simpering sissy slut shows a much stronger Domination.  Especially since the first cap established him as a physically ideal and mentally confident man.

Anyway... I wrote the story in one swipe.  The only thing missing from the first draft was Pablo's voice.  When I was writing it, I figured Pablo would just be quiet if present at all.  But when I read it, it felt like I was struggling to make it a sequel.  So I added the introduction paragraph, and then kept adding.  When adding Pablo fully into the cap, I realized that I could have a little fun with it.  In the first cap 'Alectra' is just a voice in Pablo's head distracting him.  I could use the same text style and coloring, and set it up so that Pablo was just a voice in Alectra's head.  But instead of distracting her, she is strong enough to just ignore it!

So now that I have the story written, I open up photoshop.  My initial intent was to setup a whole new layout. I opened up the original 'DOMINATED' cap just so I could pull the text colors out, but it hit me that at this point, this really is a full sequel.  In both tone and story style, this follows immediately after the first one.  So why not use the same layout?  I changed it from a playful pink to a stronger red, and then just stropped in the new photo and text.

My only problem right now, is that if you don't read this process writing, it looks like I took the 'easy' way out and didn't even bother with a new layout.  Obviously as you are reading this, you can see that I never intended this to look the same way... but as it built up closer and closer to a sequel, it just made the most design sense.

Hopefully one day I will either be caught up, or owe Alectra again, and will add another sequel (My first Trilogy!?)... "DOMINATED! by Raffside"


  1. Great captioning. It took me a few paragraphs to figure out what was happening, but then everything clicked. From there, the rest of the ride was incredible to read. I'm sure that Alectra will LOVE this, since it seems to follow her preferences to a T.

  2. I adore dominant redheads. And yes images of them are hard to find. One time when I was making a story of "White Queen vs Phoenix". (It was a retelling of the X-Men battle with a little more special effects and a LOT more nudity and sex). But I needed pictures of angry powerful redheads to make it work. Eventual I found what I needed but it took forever. (Search 'angry redhead').

    I have a question. I have done requests over the years at The Wizards Lair, but I am pretty new to Blog sites. I am glad that I found them. The talent on some of these blogs are astounding. I was wondering how do I go about dedicating a work to one of the other artists? Do i post it on my Blog and say 'this one is for...' or do I send it to them to approve and post?? Your insight is appreciated.

  3. Of course i love it, as well as Caitlyn is enjoying it "giggle", to be honest Cait to see you saying that you want more cap works from me, it brings joy to my heart thanks i really appreciate that, sometimes i wonder if i'm capping too much a person and that i'm giving this person too much work, but your comment relieves me of that pain, i will try to cap you back whenever i have the time, now i'm a little busy with real life but i'll try to take some time to make you a cap that i'm sure you will love it...
    I really hope to become your friend over here and the Haven with the time Caitlyn you and i share some things in common :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. @Dee

    Yea... I realized after I posted it that this is more of a 2nd panel to the first one, rather than a sequel. I should probably have given more warning to that effect.


    I will remember to search for 'angry redhead' next time. Thanks for that!

    As to dedicating a work.. Hmm.. I'll be honest I haven't ever really worked that way. The closest I came was "Fuck Time Travel" which was made for smitty as part of our 'Smitty Vs The Technologist' back and forth. Almost all of my works come from trades set up at Rachels Haven. Having never been to Wizards Lair, I have to assume that they are similar.

    But I wouldn't see a problem with making a work for someone on your blog, and then letting them know. Hopefully they are a follower and notice it. As to 'letting them know' everyone has a different preferred method of communication. Some list their email address, while others list their Instant Messenger information. I prefer to keep my privacy very close to me, so I like the form spring question thingamabob, or a private message at the Haven.


    heh.. I'm glad you like it. Just keep in mind that I cap fairly slowly. I have 'up' times when I can cap several times in a week, but my average rate is about 1 a week or less. Right now I have about 6 caps in line. Assuming I don't have another 'up' time, I wouldn't be returning a cap for many weeks.

    But I never turn up my nose to a cap. I love getting them and I love (eventually) returning them!

  5. Great stuff. This presses my buttons as well. I love the psychological complications and the history between the two, and I love "Alectra's" cruel streak. The catch-22 of the lashes was handled very nicely. It made me feel a bit...edgy. :)