Sunday, April 3, 2011

[Question] i want work in under mistress

Seriously... I think there are some words missing...

i want work in under mistress

I have to admit when I log into formspring to see if I have any 'questions' I get a little excited when I see that there is a new one.  Did I get another challenge?  Does someone need help/advice?  Does someone want to know if I were to put peanut butter on a piece of my body and let a dog lick it off where would I put it?

I enjoy answering these.  Not that I am an expert in any particular area, but generally they force me to think about something.  To put some unformed thoughts into a structured form.

But then there are questions like this.

Now I am not one for perfect grammar, punctuation or spelling.  But I do try to throw some in once in awhile.  For instance I almost always capitalize "I".  And if I am asking a question, I try to always end it in a question mark.  I'll even throw a 'to' in sentences when it seems appropriate (and sometimes when it doesn't feel appropriate!).

I did promise to answer all questions, so I figured I would throw this up here, but I really have no idea if this is even a question, or just someone declaring something anonymously to a random person.  At the least I get to search out a kinky picture, make it black and white, and add some pink to it.  And yes... I searched for 'under mistress' and this image came up.  All Hail Google.

Oh, and as long as I'm writing something, I might as well put something useful here.  I started role playing at LiL awhile back (I think about 6 months now?).  I started up my 'introduction' thread, but it got picked up by a fairly new person who didn't think following the basic plot lines and rules of the M&R corporate world were important or even desirable.  The thread eventually died when my role playing mate stopped logging in.  And in all honesty it wasn't going anywhere.  I log in occasionaly and see if anything happened, but I haven't even tried to get someone else to pick up the thread, or start over.  It really kind of soured me on the idea of role playing on a forum like that.

Then a couple months later I got word that D+X was back in business.  I hadn't heard much about D+X, and hadn't known it had ever been down.  But I figured it was worth a try.  So I stared up a character there.  My introduction thread was picked up in a matter of minutes.  The person that picked up the thread (Ms Barbara) was an excellent role player and made my transformation a wonderful experience.  I have been playing there steadily ever since.

Lately I have been delving deeper into it.  I average about 8 posts there a day, but that includes the early threads where I would average 3 posts a day.  This past Friday I posted about 30 times.  Saturday was about 20 (and would have been more if I hadn't had to go to bed early for work (Thanks for talking me out of calling in Dee)).

Now this is good for me, as I am really enjoying my time there.  Its both new and creative.  I am meeting new friends and just plain 'ol having a blast.  But.... it is now eating into my capping time.  I don't know if this is a long term thing, something that I will eventually get bored with, or something that will find a new balance.  But I am now further into cap debt at the Haven than I have ever been.

Now don't laugh, but I am 7 caps in debt.  Yea yea.. I know people that are 40 caps in debt.  But I don't get capped all that much, and that works out for me as I don't cap nearly as fast as some people (yea, I'm looking at you Dee).  Those 7 caps include the recent challenge here, as well as two for Petra who just made me two wonderful caps out of the same picture (one tender, and one humiliating).

So before I head over to DX, I am going to try and whip out a cap for Alectra.  I have owed her for awhile, and have already passed over her once to cap Googly.  I have a fairly good idea how I want the cap to go, and even have a picture that might work.  The picture isn't GREAT, so I may look for a better one, but at least I'm feeling fairly cappy today.  If all works out, you will see a post just above this one later today.


  1. Sometimes I think people figure the Formspring is a search box for the site. I've gotten quite a few questions that are of the "pregnancy" or "forced" with no question marks or anything.

    I don't see how you couldn't balance the two but as I told you earlier, I can't see you half-assing anything, so I would guess that whatever strikes your fancy that day is what you would concentrate on more.

    Maybe the mood that you get one doing one could also inspire you in the other. When I was doing an RP on the Haven, it made me feel much more submissive than anything ever did up to that point. It sort of unlocked some captions I'd probably never would have made otherwise.

  2. I thought it might be a 'search' error at first, but damn, that is a very specific search term! My best guess is that someone was asking "I want to serve under a mistress, can you help me?" or "I want a cap where I serve under a mistress". The only way we'll know is if this person explains him or her self. I welcome you to stop by and do just that.... you can even do it anonymously.

    I agree with you. I think I will balance everything out eventually. Just making a cap today felt SO good. And some of what went into the new cap is from the role play I'm doing at D+X. My character is currently getting a lesson in discipline and is getting a spanking. Most of the story's spanking came from the picture, but it was certainly influenced by what I'm going through at D+X!

    And it will circle around, as making this cap has really got me engines revving to get back to D+X!

  3. Chances are the person will never explain him or herself. But at least it has spawned an interesting discussion.
    I'm glad that the bad first experience you had with role playing didn't sour you to the fun you have more recently discovered. The plot lines are jest as important as the erotic aspect. Well scratch that. Its probably not, but its close. Either way one should not exist without the other in role play.
    Oh and YES Google rocks.

  4. Thanks Geofey!

    Yea, the LiL debacle did sour me for awhile. But I figured I couldn't turn my back on it without really experiencing more than a single thread. And boy am I glad I did!

    After posting my last cap, I went on over to DX, and have been posting ever since, as I had 10 active threads to catch up to. Well not just posting, I was also chatting with several people too. But the action moves so fast at DX that by the time I had replied to 8 of the 10 threads, 7 of them had updated again! Now almost 3 hours later, it has slowed down.

    And actually I would agree more with our first assessment. I think the plot lines ARE just as important as the erotic aspect. As I've said before... I'm a dirty girl, and I enjoy the erotic experiences whenever I can get them. BUT I also like an emotional maturing that comes from a good role play. When my character started at DX he/she was confused, afraid and fearful of what the change had done to her. But I tried to explore that even if only a little bit in each thread. There was no big 'Moment' where she suddenly said 'Oh I like being a girl, lets have sex!'

    I am over 500 posts in, and she is still getting in touch with her new body and status in life. There have been erotic moments along the way... but she is still growing!

    And I have to admit that I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons when I was younger. Even then I was more about character development than just jumping into the action. Now I feel like I am standing up for the first time at an AA meeting... Hi My name is Caitlyn and I used to be a D&D Nerd!

  5. Well that's good! The Character needs to keep developing otherwise it will become stale and lose interest. (That is why slaves keep fighting to not give in completely to their master/mistress. They are secretly afraid that their harsh partner will lose interest.

    Oh and I played D&D yesterday! ;P

  6. I'm playing D&D this weekend. :D

    Oh and even though I know you won't pay attention to me when I write this, I'm going to write it anyway, Caitlyn you don't have to pay me back for the caps I did for you on the Haven. As I said in my post there to preface the caps, I stumbled across the image and two stories popped into my head almost immediately. I had to write them or I wouldn't have been able to work on anything else. They were a blast to write and really had to be for you because of the mask in the picture.

    Now of course I'm not going to turn down a Caitlyn masterpiece, but honestly you can scratch my name off of your debt list. If you really really feel like paying me back you better not feel like you need to do two for me. The hard part for me is always the set-up and the layout of the image in GIMP, and since I just recycled that from the first cap to the second it was almost no extra effort to do the second. So if you do two, I'm going to have to punish you!

    As far as this question goes, maybe it's an anagram:

    Ad Stinker Winnower Truisms
    Dietaries Twin Work Mrs Nuns
    Semidarkness Win Tit Run Row
    Asterisked Rim Wins Nun Wort
    Remained Ink Wrists Nut Rows
    Dementia's Kin Writs Urns Row
    Dreamier Twins Is Wonks Runt

    No, those don't make much sense either. I guess it will just have to remain a mystery.

  7. I appreciate you saying that Petra. But with the silly way my mind works, you gave me two caps. Not just any caps, but two that I will treasure. I need to pay that back in kind. And paying you back is like getting the opportunity to get tickets to your favorite sporting event. Of course you take the opportunity to do so. You would go to the sporting event all the time, but you have other things getting in the way. So now I have the 'opportunity' to make caps for you.

    Plus I really like the 'challenge' of finding a picture and doing what you did. Make a nice sweet cap and a dark more humiliating cap.