Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Damsel in Distress II

A challenge finally realized!

Way back in March of this year, I received a challenge.  On the surface it was quite simple and I felt I would whip it out as soon as my juices were flowing.  All I had to do was make a cap based on an 80s cartoon.  Now I'm 99.999% sure this was from Angel. I figure so, because she does love 80s cartoons, and soon after I posted about the challenge, she made me a wonderful 80s cartoon based cap on the Haven.

But that was the beginning of my 'writers bloc'.  And the more I thought about it, the more I've psyched myself out.  I do have an honest problem making caps based on drawings, but I couldn't get my head around making a cap based on an 80s cartoon and NOT using a drawing.  I searched around and found the image I used here (sadly I never saved an original version, but all I did was delete the drawn background), and smudge out some lines on it.

I wanted to use this as I wanted something a little more XXX than 80s cartoons get.  But the only story that came to mind, was a continuation of Angel's cap to me.  And months later, I'm still stuck on following up on Angels cap.  So instead of fighting myself, I'll accept the compromise, and do just that.  So don't bother searching around here for a cap titled 'Damsel in Distress'.  I didn't make it.  To see it, you'll have to head over to the Haven and check out my trading folder.  Trust me, its worth the effort to see this fine cap.

So once I bowed down to that, the story wrote itself rather quickly.  Calvin seeks revenge, while everyone seeks further riches from

Since I did finally make a cap based on an 80s cartoon, I won't call this a failure.  But since I didn't come up with an original idea, I won't call this a success either.  But if anyone is interested, please feel free to send me a challenge, or question.  Making caps like this help me focus my attention down to what I do best.  I may not be great at what you want, but I promise to try.  And I promise to try and not take 6 months (maybe 5... but not 6!). 


  1. That was hot! HOT! HOT!!! and I could make the font bigger If I could to express the hotness in there. Stupendous work Cait ^-^

    Now that the source of the "writer block" is gone, you should come out nicely from that challenge... Though it seems you didn't come unscathed "giggle". I like how you draw of the characters and the little twist on your plans. Still everything work out right. RIGHT?! "giggle" Keep up the good work. This one brought some good memories to me from those old TV shows... Though for me they came in the 90's "giggle". Yep we tend to be late for some of this stuff "giggle". And I think it would have been nice to see some DnD reference in their those four series (well five if you count Transformers but here it would have been silly to introduce that one) Became a big hit in TV and the teenage around.

    Once again Top notch work Cait!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. WHY WOULD ANYONE go back to being regular guy after getting fucked like that as a girl seriously. I would love to be put in that kind of suit, was a very good caption.