Sunday, September 11, 2011

[Question] ...i was wondering if you would mind making a forced/mask/stuck caption?

You know... I don't think I've ever made a mask cap!

hello ive been on your blog a couple of times and have seen masks in the title of your blog but no mask captions as of yet. So i was wondering if you would mind making a forced/mask/stuck caption? Please?! and thank you.

First off, thank you for stopping by, and I would love to try my hand at making a forced/mask/stuck caption.

I guess I should explain a bit though about why this blog is called 'Caitlyn's Masks' without me making at least one cap involving a mask.  In short, as I developed my love and desire for creating, fantasizing and even in some small way realizing my TG and cross dressing desires, I developed a mental mask that I wear.  I put on a 'mask' to be Caitlyn and let myself really dive in and enjoy this side of me.  I also put on a 'Calvin' mask to help me bridge between being Caitlyn and being my normal self.

I think I explained it a lot better in the post 'So Why The Mask?".   That post has many questions and answers, but the relevant part is at the bottom.

Now having read that, I hope you can see why making a 'mask' cap never really struck me.  I also never wanted to make one, as some cappers have made 'mask' caps FOR me.  I've loved them all, especially seeing how they each interpret my desire for a mask.  You see, I didn't want to make something that people would lock onto as how I feel about Masks.  I'm afraid that people will see what I make as a 'mask' cap, think that it is exactly what I want in a 'mask' cap, and then just make me varieties on that same subject.

BUT... you've asked, and I will oblige.  While looking for an image to use for this post (and I gotta say, I LOVE that image!), I found a really sexy scene involving a masked woman.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to make something today for it (or tomorrow, or this week....), but I'm going to save the images and when inspiration strikes, I'll make a forced/mask/stuck caption for you.

A quick last word.... I didn't make the name in my question form a required field.  I did this so that someone could keep their anonymity (or mask) when asking me something.  However, if anyone ever would like to request a cap like this, if you add your name, I'll make it custom for you, using your name.  Without a name, I'll probably just use 'Calvin/Caitlyn', or avoid using a name all together.  So... if you want to start in a cap, just include your name.

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