Monday, September 26, 2011

Your Ass Is Mine!

See what thinking about a wedding gets me!?

Seriously... I was thinking of making a cap based on a wedding.  Without giving it much thought, I don't think I've made a 'bride' cap before, but its been a favorite subject of the caps I read.

I went looking for images of brides, and came across this one rather quickly:

I love the look, and will still make a cap based off of it, but after looking at it for a few minutes, the only stories that came to mind were fairly long.  I could probably do it justice in my standard style, but I honestly want to keep that on the shelf for now.  So I kept looking.

I found another image of a bride and her husband just before their first kiss, and got a couple vague ideas.

The first idea I had was just a single line... 'Don't worry Calvin, my mother said she would change you back as soon as we give her a grand-daughter!"

I liked the short clipped nature of that, and I think her face shows that fight between 'Make this look good!' and 'Oh MY GOD WHAT AM I DOING!'.  Surprisingly a lot of bride kissing photos have that same look! But I didn't think that would be enough.  And I didn't have any idea of how to go in a different direction design wise..I would just put that on one side of the image, or maybe break it up.  "Do't worry Calvin, my mother said she would change you back...."  on one side of the happy couple, and " soon as we give her a grand-daughter" on the other side.

But it didn't feel right.  So I went with the other idea I had.  I thought it might be interesting writing from Calvin's perspective, talking to himself about what he thought would be the perfect wedding, and then give some snappy ending, showing that he was the bride, and not the groom.  I even started working on it:

But again, it just didn't feel 'right'.  So I dropped it off and saved it there incase I come back later and finish it, one way or the other.

I think what had me is that I was wanting a XXX cap.  I don't know why... maybe I'm just in a horny mood. But finding images of brides having sex.. well I've never found any that I like.  Even with obvious 'Porn' images, I don't like them to look like 'Porn'.  And I guess the classy images of brides having sex are few and far between.  With every search term I used I either found brides, or sex.  Not both (at least not any that looked good to me).

So while I filled with the search terms, I tried "Bride Dress Anal"  Hey... if you can get these in the same image, I bet there is a bride having sex!  But like all the other search terms I used, I found either Anal, OR Brides.

But one of the anal photos hit me:

Now dont' get me wrong.. I accept that this is obviously PORN.  That's PORN with a capital P, capital OH MY GOD, R, N.  But then again, I have only rarely seen an Anal photo that wasn't porn.  But for some odd reason the line "Your ass is Mine!"  came to my head.

I think the image could make a fun cap, so instead of spending more futile attempts looking for bridal sex, I went in and decided to make this.

Now I didn't have any good idea for design.  This would just be a short 'wham bam thank you mam' story with that line as a zinger at the end.  I did, however want to focus the viewer in to the action (as if they could miss it?), and give me some better canvas to right on.   So in a new layer, I used the gradation tool, with white as one color, and 'transparent' as the other color.  I made the gradation, making sure just the very edge would be white, and then dragged it over to near the center.  I copied the layer, and flipped it over to the opposite side.  It wasn't quite white enough, so I just copied those layers again, letting their gradations double up on each other.  That got me this:

Now that is a canvas I can write on.  To write it I just selected a font that seemed interesting and started writing.  When I had the majority of the story, I edited it a bit to fit in the two columns, and leave room for the zinger.

Its nothing special.... but it is in the style of some of the short caps that I like.  I certainly won't say its a crown jewel of mine, but I wanted to practice using anything other than my normal style.  And in that manner of thinking, this is a rousing success.


  1. First of all...

    Can I try that sexy bridal pic for a cap where the woman is sniffing the perfume or "parfum" if you prefer it in french "giggle". I do think I could give it a short story with that. I don't know why but my mind works in misterious ways!.

    I'm with you that regular porn is PORN with the big letters! but if you add some work around and include some sexy text then is no longer porn is Erotica "giggle". Still your ass is mine calls for a hot and naughty night after the wedding and well... you can end up with both entrances sore! heh heh heh

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    P.S: Forgot to say it in the other post but I didn't saw that image of Susan Wayland so I my as well take it. Raffside is on the loose tee hee.

  2. Well, you took some definite PORN and made it into ummmm ... artistic porn!

    And for some reason, that "Your Ass is Mine" made me think of Michael Jackson's "Bad" where his first line is "Your butt is mine!" ... not sure he'd have really like this caption, but you never know!

  3. I know we discussed this a bit, so you know why I'm posting this here. Just so everyone knows, I'm not pointing these things out to be a bitch or anything. heh..

    After I read the caption, I was left with more questions then thoughts of what happens next. usually a slice of life or moment in time caption gets you to question how they got there, or where it's headed after the caption ends. But here, I couldn't get past some, I guess you would say plot holes.

    First thing that got me was why Calvin's tormentor had to explain what was done to him. ("I guess that DOES deserve some explaining.") Calvin seems aware of whats happening and the story suggest they had been at it for quite a while too. With Calvin aware of all of the previous sex acts. ("we've done this a dozen times now." )

    Second, I'm not sure what belonging to him in mind and body changes. ("My sexy bride in both mind and body.") He seems to have already done all of these things to Calvin before they were married and Calvin is still struggling against him. So Calvin's mind is still his own right?

    You mentioned to me that the screaming was from surprise anal sex, but I think if she belonged to him mind and body, that her screams of shock/pain would be welcomed and exactly what he was looking for.

    The last bit isn't a big issue, she could scream for a number of reasons. But for the most part, I couldn't enjoy this story beyond the layout and the simple idea of becoming someones slave.

    Of course, I'm not saying my stuff is perfect, I've had my share of captions with plot holes that pull out of the story. But normally when you ask for feedback on something, there is nothing at all I can find in it that I would change or have a problem with.

    I would really love to see you keep trying out new things like this though. your last one with the hard part is, was a lot of fun and definitely on the right track! ^_^

  4. First I want to thank all of you for your kind words. I know I don't often thank you for the comments, but they always mean a lot to me.

    Sure, you can use the picture for a cap. I may still make one as well too, but I'm not going to 'hold' it for something that I may or may not do. And you are more than welcome to the pic of Susan Wayland (I didn't know who it was... just used it as an example!).

    Artistic porn? I'll take it! and now that you've mentioned it, I can't get Michael Jackson's voice out of my head, which gives the cap an ENTIRELY different creepy vibe!

    Thank you so much for the constructive critisim. I wrote this so fast, and am so used to fleshing out all of the details as I go along, that I didn't even notice those missteps. I agree with what you've said... I probably should have found a better way than using 'Oh stop your SCREAMING' already.

    I guess I should explain what was going on in my mind as I wrote this. I was thinking that this was a couple that may have started out as forced feminization, but had progressed far beyond that. 'Calvin' no longer felt any ill will toward his 'husband'. The 'Screaming' was meant to be a surprised yelp as 'Caitlyn' felt herself taken anally, instead of vaginally. And her husband explaining was just that... explaining why he was taking her back door instead of her gates to heaven.

    But because I wrote this short, I didn't ever touch upon Caitlyn's state of mind, or go into more detail on how the story got to its current place. As I read it now, I see the same plot wholes as you do.

    Hopefully everyone looks at Jennifer's criticism as I do... as a welcome part of the captioning process. Jennifer actually brought up these 'problems' to me privately, and I asked her to post them here as well. You see as good as I think I am, I know that I'm not perfect. I can very easily get caught up on some odd detail that steals all my attention, and therefore draws me away from painting you a perfect story.

    Now that I'm experimenting with less words, and odd design choices, those mistakes will only become more evident. And if no one tells me that I'm going off the rails, then I will continue to think it's just fine and keep going, instead of acknowledging the problem, and trying to learn from it.

    I don't mind making problems. I do mind making them more than once. And often the only way I can see a problem is if its pointed out to me. So please, if you ever see something that doesn't seem quite right, let me know. The worst thing that will happen is that I will politely disagree with you, and explain what my thinking was. The best thing is that I will AGREE with you, and be ever thankful for the help!