Saturday, August 10, 2013

So... think you've seen ALL of my caps?

Are you sure?

So if you've ever looked through the listing of caps that I have here on the blog, you may have noticed some listed as "Exclusive to 'The Haven Quarterly'".  Well I still hold true to the spirit of the agreement I made to the editors of the Haven Quarterly... that the caps I made for them are exclusive.  Yes, some artists have shared the caps they made for them, and the editors were kind enough to simply ask for a six month exclusivity contract.  But I made these caps to hopefully generate income for the Haven.  To spur people on to buying issues of this 'eMagazine' and therefore help support Rachel's Haven.

I've tried to list all the other caps I've made.  There have been some quick on offs that I did for birthday's or other celebrations, but they were more of a greeting card.  These caps here are either full fledged (and often multi-panel) caps or at least fun tongue in cheek \advertisements'.  As I don't see myself making or publishing any new caps for awhile, I figured I'd make at least one last push for people to buy the Haven Quarterly.  If you want to read up on the previous issues and how to get them simply click here.

Issue #1 - Originally published in July 2011

I made two captions for the first issue of the Haven Quarterly.  I was honored to even be asked and really tried to make a button pusher, as well as a funny 'advertisement' (big thanks go out to Petra who supplied the original advertisement!)

Sorority Scavenger Hunt tells the magical tale of Adam and Penelope.  Penelope had to participate in a Sorority Scavenger Hunt that unwittingly has Adam going through some unexpected changes.

Haven Pointy Bras For Him is a fun advertisement based off of a 50's style magazine ad showing off the latest and greatest bras.  The original ad had six ladies showing off their bras, so I made six separate panels, each one showing off how a Haven personality ended up with his own Haven Pointy Bra For Him.  Bren, Simone, Petra made it in for Issue one, while three other Havenites had to wait for the next issue.

Issue #2 - Originally published in October 2011

I made one new cap for second issue, but I also had the last three panels of Haven Pointy Bras For Him included.

This time around Dementia, Steffie, and Jennifer get to join in the fun!

The new cap I submitted was simply titled 'Focus'.  Now that I look at it again, it is the first 'Kinetic Text' cap I made as it came a full seven months before "Evie's Fantasy".  It also has a technique that I haven't used since... showing only a piece of the picture in each panel.

Issue #3 - Originally published in January 2012

In the third issue I ended up with two caps.

This is a cap laid out to look like a magazine article.  It is a mysterious interview done with a gentleman known only as 'The Technologist'.

Gullible is a fun straight forward button pusher cap that I made for Smitty.  Yeah... I wanted to take advantage of them now allowing explicit captions in their own little corner!

Issue #4 - Originally published in July 2012

For the fourth issue I had three entries.

Titter was my submission into the 'Twitter Mania section that many artists contributed to.

Seductive Revenge is another Kinetic Text cap that I made and stars an unnamed protagonist that gets revenge for Damien, Pete, and Jeremy....or is that revenge on Dee, Petra, and Jennifer!?

It's All In Your Head was a fun project where several artists were given the same image and each made their own cap for it.

Issue #5 - Unpublished as of August 2013

Dreaming of Hate Dreaming of Love is another Kinetic Text cap I made for the upcoming issue.  Much like 'Focus' I played with a new technique, this time involving color and focus.  I know the preview image is color, but not all of the cap chromatically challenged!  To know what I mean you'll just have to get your hot little hands on the next issue.

So.... maybe you've seen all the caps I've posted here at Caitlyn's Masks.  And maybe you've even purchased and enjoyed the first four issues of the Haven Quarterly.  But even then you are still missing out on my last cap (well... not LAST, but the last one to be published anywhere).  I hope you enjoy the teasers and that they inspire you to go get some Haven Quarterly issues.  So far as I know, these will be my last caps, and this will be one of my last posts here at Caitlyn's Masks.  If you want to know more about what I'm doing in the future you'll just have to read my next post.... "A farewell is necessary..."

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