Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pretty Princess or Goth Queen

Just how long would it take to girlify you?

I figured since I am able to make captions again, that I may as well try paying back some of the cap debt that I've accrued over at the Haven.  I didn't even have to check out my debt list as I knew that I I've owed Dee, Jay Seaver, and Simone for almost half a year.

My first thought was to make Jay Seaver a cap.  I remembered vaguely that Jay had a pet plot that went something like 'Hey, leave my dog out of it!' and went searching for a picture involving a woman and a dog.  The story would be kind of obvious... someone transformed into a woman lamenting on how everything in her life had been changed, but she refused to let her favorite pet be changed into a cat.  Yup... not exactly ground breaking but I hoped that through image selection, design, layout and perfectly penned prose I could make a good cap.

Oddly enough that image search turned up this image.  Once I saw it I thought of Dee:

I don't believe I've ever written a story involving a little girl.  I mean lets face it, my proclivity for hard core, humiliation and forced scenarios doesn't really lend itself to using children.   But for Dee in general and this image in particular I figured I'd make an exception.

When I started, I more or less had the first paragraph that's used in the cap.  But as I continued I had the idea of listing out all the things that this couple has tried and how each one failed.  Like having Damien dress up in an innocent girl's clothes only to have him go to a bar and pick up a chick.  Or magically making into a woman and having Damien use that same magic to start making other men into girls or sissies.  On and on it would go.  I even had the idea that at the end of the cap, the big reveal would be that the 'mother' in this couple was once a man and that Damien had transformed.  And now that Dee Dee was her 'daughter' she didn't want to change back.

But I quickly realized that while that story could be fun, it would involve some XXX hinting that wouldn't fit right with this image.  I wanted this to be a clean cap... otherwise I just wouldn't feel comfortable with it later.

So I ditched what I had written and added the last paragraph.  If you are interested here is what I had come up with so far:

Yes I agree that this is drastic, but nothing else has worked.  You gave him that magnificent makeover... wig, corset, mary janes, white cotton sweater, plaid skirt... he looked the very part of a school girl.  But what did he do?  He went to the local dyke bar and picked up that biker chick.  When we used that spell to change him physically into a woman he dyed his hair electric pink, got a leather corset and whip, and made my brother into his sissy slave.  What's that?  Oh... no, he's still in therapy. 

That's not the point.  We knew that Damien wouldn't slip quietly into that feminine night.

 Funny... but not appropriate.  I have to admit that I'm kind of disappointed about losing the 'brother' into therapy story line.  

But by ditching the rest of the story and going with the shorter sweeter version I think this fits Dee's preferences a little more.  Short, Sweet, Funny, and Quick to the point.  

Once I finished the cap and posted it to Dee's trading folder, I of course went to add a link in my own folder and remove Dee's name from my list of 'owed caps'.  Oops.  It seems that I had already paid Dee back with "Priorities" made two and a half months ago (and yet still oddly on my front page!).

Oh well... I'm still hopeful that Dee will get a kick out of it and if I'm honest, I'm still rather proud of it.  I hope you all enjoy it as well!


  1. Dear Caitlyn,

    Merry Christmas sweetie. I hope you have a really great one. I think it has to be special for you now that you have your new job, which I assume is going well since you haven't discussed it and you have found time to cap some. I figure you must be settling in to a good rhythm. At least I hope so.



    1. A monumentally merry Christmas to you too Leeanne! This year's Christmas will indeed be 'special' as it will be the first time I ever work on the special day. Beyond toiling away on the holidays (and getting paid mad overtime for doing so!), the job is indeed going well. While I may not discuss it here, I do talk about it somewhat on my other blog.

      While I do feel that I have lost 'Caitlyn' to the annals of history, I am grateful that I can continue to make the occasional cap!