Monday, June 2, 2014


An internet ad that UNDER promises!?

This cap is for Jay Seaver over at the Haven.  I've been trying to make a cap for Jay ever since finishing "Your Beloved".  I'd say I crashed and burned every time I tried, but in order to crash you first have to take off.  And I couldn't get ANYTHING working.

Jay is a hard nut to crack for me, but that wasn't the issue with this.  In all honesty I've had this funk going on for awhile and only when I replied to Steffi's comment on my 'epilogue' post did I put my finger on it.  I am just not completing the one thing that I'm intending to do.  I've had issues with writing before and that's well documented.  I've had issues with design before, and that too is well documented.  But this goes way behond that.  I don't believe in the subject matter any longer.

Knowing that and accepting that are two different things though.  I've known it since I got this job and more or less parted ways with being Caitlyn.  I've tried to accept it.  But trying isn't doing... and maybe I'm closer to accepting it now.

If I made this cap at this time last year... well it would still be in the trash folder.  Or maybe I would have posted it, but it would have been under the 'Cap Failure' heading.  The story is.... meh.  I think the idea is good, and it can even work with the image.  But the core part of TG caps isn't prose... it's about TG.  The story should revolve around a man changing into a woman.  There are many variations on that theme, but it IS the them.  And that's what I'm having a problem with.

I need to get my thoughts in order... but this might be a big change for me.  I'll post more either tonight or tomorrow.

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