Sunday, October 12, 2014

Learning to be a Real Man - UnMasked

What do I think about this now?
Here is another attempt to ensure this blog remains up and active.   I'm taking another cap and giving it the "UnMasked" treatment.  In case you didn't see my previous post, I am taking a favorite cap of mine and talking about it with my new perspective.

"Learning to be a Real Man" is cap I made and posted on August 7, 2012.  I didn't realize that two of my favorite caps (this and "All for you, my Love") were made within a month of each other until just now.  I guess I can start zooming in on my 'Golden Era".

This cap seemed to line right up in my sweet spot.  It was for realfield (Candy), who had a strong interest in an Alpha Male transforming a weak willed guy into a sweet girl or sissy.  The hotter and squirmier the story, the more Candy seemed to like it.  And at the time I was right beside her.  And you know... I may still be right there with just far less intensity.  What I mean is that caps like this... over the top, 'hawt', squirmy stories focusing as much on sex as story (but not ignoring story for the sake of sex) are caps that I can still enjoy.  Caps that involve a lot of story... that tell of the trials and tribulations (willing or no) about the transformed subject just do almost nothing for me now.  Even if it's just for a moment, I can still get lost into caps like this.

Making this cap was an exercise in starting up the creative engine and letting muscle memory take over.  I didn't concentrate on how the story would end.  I didn't concentrate on particular things that would happen in the story.  I didn't even focus on the image being part of the story (I knew I could shoehorn it in at the end).  I just started out by putting a 'less than manly' man in the headlights of an Alpha Male and let the story pour forth.

It does follow a path that, looking back, I can see in many of my favorite caps (both mine and others').

  • Start with a good guy. 
    • It's not laid out in this story, but I was thinking of Carl as a nice guy.
  •  Put him in a situation where he wants one thing and gets another.  
    • He wants to be more of a Man's Man, and instead gets transformed into a slutty maid.
  • Make his own 'niceness' be part of his downfall 
    • He was just being nice to his teacher/host by agreeing to wear a uniform
  • Relentlessly start up the transformation/training with every step going further and further
    • Wearing a maid's uniform, getting spanked, made to put on make up, styling his hair, getting a feminine name, wearing heels, getting rewarded for being feminine and punished for being masculine, watching fetish porn and being made to think of yourself in the woman's role, getting breasts, taking hormones, orgasm denial, style lessons, fellatio lessons, fucking lessons, being presented as a sissy/girl to your former friends
One thing that I enjoy(ed) but isn't part of this cap are having your own choices unexpectedly lead you further down the wrong path (something like 'hey, you can hide under my desk' followed by being forced to blow the guy that lets you hide there).  Another thing would be seeing/reading/experiencing the actual mental anguish.  Thoughts like "well this is bad, but I can get through this", or "What!?  I can see the spanking and the maid's outfit, but why would Slade want a guy to suck his dick!?", or "Just keep focusing on escaping. Swallow it all down, otherwise he'll get angry and I'll end up tied to the bedpost again if he gets angry." 

But as Jennifer once said, being talked about can sometimes be squirmier than recalling the exact experience.  So in this case it works fine.  It really let's the reader's mind wander and fill in some squirmy details.  What exactly did fellatio lessons entail?  How many porno's did Slade make Candy watch?  Did Slade explain what he was going to do the first time Candy was kneeling on the stool, or did he just apply some lube, spread her cheeks, and start fucking her?  

Design wise, I'm really happy with this.  It's not all that elegant, but an elegant design would't work with this story.  It's another example where all the little things were just about perfect.  Like cropping the photo to have Slade's face partially removed.  Fitting the title perfectly into a space, making it look like that was the original intent.  Having the story flow and fill up most of the remaining empty space. About the only thing that really didn't work was having the text box so damned close to her nose.  Yes, it still bothers me to this day.  

So... how does the story work on me now?  Well, I've already said it works fairly well as it's kind of easy to let the reigns of reality slip away.  But those reigns are harder and harder to lose.  I could talk about how it's hard to imagine being so meek to another man.  I could talk about how I'd never let another man put me over his knee and spank me, or ever put on a dress as someone else demands (willingly?  Maybe... but at someone's demand?  Fuck you my friend!).  Or how no matter how far down that rabbit hole I would let myself go, that I'd never let another man's cock enter my mouth without paying for the privilege by biting it off.  

I could talk about all of those things and how they pull me back out of the story, but the one thing that's hardest to overcome is the thought of going to another man to learn how to be a 'Real Man'.  I'm no stud by any measure, but I'm not working to be more manly.  I am what I am and I'm happy with what I am.  Would I like to be in better shape?  Sure, but for health reasons not to impress the ladies.  Would I like to be more comfortable in getting women?  Sure, but then again I'd be getting women interested in a man that just isn't me... so how long could that relationship last.  

If I can't buy into that basic premise... going to a man to learn how to be manlier... then I can't buy into the rest of it.   

So... this is my second 'UnMasked' posts.  To reiterate, my main reason for doing this is to ensure that this blog remains up and active enough to not be deleted.  Right now posting about every two months seems to work.  It lets me stay away from the temptation of 'making a comeback' and still let's me feel that I'm contributing more than just a "Hey, I don't want the blog to go away so here's this useless drivel' style post.   

While I am not intending these posts to gain any type of following, I AM still interested in pleasing my audience.  You all brought so much joy to me over the few years I was here.  So my offer of taking suggestions on future caps still stands.  So far as I know, my 'Ask Caitlyn A Question' form thingy is broke, so you'll have to leave the suggestion either in my email or here as a comment.  

Happy Transforming!


  1. I will say at the outset that, no matter what I say, I am genuinely happy for you that you are happy in your life Caitlyn. But, OMG! I sure do miss you and your captions. You are just so freakin' awesome! Obviously, this one stands out as one of my favs. I wonder why? Ha! It's still good to see you pop up every now and then too. Take care of yourself.



  2. I do enjoy reading your thoughts like this!

    Sorry for the really late response to your activity, I've been a bit pants lately and this must have slipped through the net!