Monday, June 1, 2015

Obscura - Slave to Queen

Beware when enslavement is your goal

They were so cocky.  They thought their plan was fool proof.  Kidnap me, transform me into a beautiful woman with an insatiable sex drive, and let my own desires transform me into their slave.  They almost succeeded.  At first I was completely off balance… my new body was a mystery to me and one that I was compelled to explore.  But I was the first to figure it out, and that gave me the advantage.

My own pheromones were driving my sex drive.  My own scent is what drove me wild with desire.  My scent didn’t affect me alone though… it drove them wild too.  All it took was a modicum of will power.  I quickly learned to deny them… to tease them… and soon enough they were begging me instead of forcing me. 

Now I have five big strapping men wrapped around my fingers.  They’ll do anything for me… anything to me.  I think once I’m done with Richard here I’m going to have them implement their plan again.  After all ruling my five slaves is hard lonely work.  

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