Saturday, June 27, 2015

Obscura - Presidential Protection

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Presidential protection detail.  Like most secret service agents, I had my eye on the prize…. Presidential protection detail.  So naturally when the opportunity came up to protect the President’s daughter as she went away to college, I jumped at the chance.  It didn’t matter that I had to pose as her roommate.  It didn’t matter that I’d have to transform my body and change my gender to fit it.  Just keep my eye on the prize. 

Unfortunately the biggest threat to national security here isn’t kidnapping the first kid… it’s keeping the little slut out of the headlines.  So now whenever she brings some frat brah over I have to get her out of the room and convince him to not blab to the press.  Sometimes that involves just telling them to keep their big mouths shut… and other times it involves me keeping my big mouth open. 

source:  fuskator 

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