Tuesday, February 9, 2016

All Inclusive

Watch out for those extra charges!

Sorry for the long time with no updates.  I went out on my first ever week long vacation.  YAY!!  A friend and I booked a week in Mexico at an all inclusive resort.  It wasn't cheap by any means, but by our quick 'back of a napkin' calculations it would save us hundreds if not over a thousand dollars.  We fully expected there to be 'extra charges' and brought money to compensate, but even with it in mind, we were surprised at just how much they tried to get out of us.  Thankfully it was a fun town and we looked at the resort as the home base... every day and every night we'd go out to some other place and spend our money there.

About the only thing I was upset about was the lack of internet.  There was free wifi in the lobby, but you had to pay to have it in the room or out by the pool.  It took me all of 8 hours to break down and pay for it only to find out that our room was in a dead zone... no wifi to be had at all.

With no internet to fill up my spare time, my fantasy life filled in all those spare moments.  Plenty of my time was spent by the pool and while this wasn't some movie where everybody is beautiful, there were a fair number of exoticly beautiful women around.  If I had to put numbers to it I'd guess that about 70% of my time was spent fantasizing about taking one of those beautiful women up to my room (or hers!) and making sweet love to them.  OK, not love, but fucking at least!  That left about 30% of the time for my mind to put myself into one of the many 'changed on vacation' caps and obscuras I'd made in the past.  Yes, I spent plenty of time fantasizing about being one of those exotically beautiful woman.

Combine those fantasies with my grumbling about all inclusive no including everything and you get the bare bones of this cap.  I figured I would tweak it to match whatever photo I found and when I saw this image I knew I had it.  The longing in her eyes suggested that he paid for that sexy body but his all inclusive vacation didn't include everything she really wanted!  I almost added a second tag line along the lines of 'I hope I can convince him to upgrade to the blowjob by the pool'... but I left it unsaid.

Hope you enjoy the cap!  I'll probably have some more ideas from vacation morph into caps or obscura!

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