Monday, February 15, 2016

No No Sissy!

She wouldn't wear something like that for you!

No sissy, I won’t be untying you tonight.  Did you really think you were picking out this sexy lacy lingerie and this short tight dress I’m wearing for YOU?  No no no… this is for Harold.  You remember him right?  You fired him when you thought he was hitting on me and you just couldn’t stand some subordinate eye fucking your wife.   

Don’t worry baby you weren’t crazy.  He not only was eyeing me every time I visited you in your office, he was actually fucking me.  You firing him was the last straw for me.  Yes, I see you’re putting it all together.  That’s the same week that I started talking about having you be my little sexy sissy.  It’s taken us months and months, but you are so perfect now.  Smooth skin with no body hair.  Hair extensions.  Cute hormone induced breasts.  Your precious little clitty locked away in chastity.  Wearing nothing but stockings, panties, and that adorable training bra.  Make up made exquisitely by your own hand.  You look just delightful! 

So now that the cat’s out of the bag and you realize I have absolutely no interest in having a simpering weak willed sissy as a husband, I’m going to leave you here bound to the bed.  I’m going to go out with Harold and fuck him over and over and over.  When he’s done ravishing your former wife and new Mistress, he’s going to decide what happens next.  I’ll either return home and have you clean out all of his hot sticky cum right from my pussy, or we’ll come home together and he can give you your own taste straight from the tap! 

source:  I don't know... I had this saved back for quite awhile.  

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  1. I'm sure Harold will have a good time exacting his revenge... over and over. I can almost hear the sissy whimpering and sobbing. And then, "Go on, Harold, give the little wuss a long hard spanking."