Thursday, February 11, 2016

Five Minutes

Make them the best they can be!

Five minutes.   Andy said to get to a long term relationship that you didn’t consider how you’d get there, you just made sure the next five minutes were the best they could be.  When we saw her in the bar we were both impressed… sure she was older than either of us imagined ourselves with and yes she was more than a little drunk, but Andy said that this was my opportunity.   When I balked he went over and introduced himself.  I could see their conversation and not hear it so at first I thought he was going to show me how the next five minutes of his life could be the best… until he pointed over at me.

She sauntered over and I have to admit, she was damned sexy.  She wiggled in all the right places and I swear I thought her big impressive boobs were going to fall right out of her tight black dress!  But she had to be a good five inches taller than me.  She was at least 10 years my senior, and where I tried to just fit in she was obviously all about style and pizzaz.  Her makeup, her hair, even the sultry way she talked said she was all about sex.  She introduced herself as Laura, and just as I was ready to tell her that I wasn’t interested in some one night stand I heard Andy’s voice.  Five Minutes. 

What the fuck.  So I did it.  I made the next five minutes the best they could be.  Laura was already drunk, and I quickly joined her as we drank and chatted and flirted.  Those five minutes turned into five more.  Then five more.  All of them the best five minutes they could have been.  Before I knew it she invited me down to her hotel room.  When we stepped in she pushed me up against the wall and kissed me.  I’m not talking about a quick press of the lips here… she stuck her tongue so deep into my mouth that I’m surprised she didn’t take my tonsils out!  As small and slight as I am, I still normally like being the aggressor, but hey… Five Minutes!  So I let her have her way with me. 

When she guided me into the shower I thought about balking at her scented soap… but Five Minutes.  I wanted to say no to her using that hair remover on my body, but she said she liked her lovers smooth.  And… well, Five Minutes.  She wanted to put me into a pair of panties… Five Minutes.  She sat me down at the vanity and put a long red wig on…. Five Minutes.  She put some slutty makeup on me… Five Minutes.  She took me to her bed and I was finally excited about what the next five minutes would include… until she brought out her strap on.   

I thought the ‘fun’ was over until she slide a small vibrating butt plug in.  As I tried to adjust to it buzzing away against my prostate, she took my wallet and passport and slipped them into her safe saying she didn’t want anybody to find out who her little ‘Caitlyn’ really was.  Only when the safe was closed did I realize that meant she was going to invite others to see me!.  I tried to protest, but she just chuckled and turned the plug op on high reminding me to make the next five minutes the best they could be. 

It was tough to sit still in the ridiculous leopard pattern dress she had me dress in while her little toy worked inside of me.  As odd as this situation was though, I couldn’t help but worry about the next moment.   As she applied yet another coat of  the candy colored lip gloss to me she was whispering into my ear. 

“Mmm… you look just so sexy like this Caitlyn!  And trust me this extra lip gloss will really help the next Five Minutes be the best they can be.  You see, my husband just LOVES when the girl I pick up leaves pink streaks up and down his thick cock!”

source:  fuskator


So this obscura idea came from me during my vacation and I figured I'd go ahead and tell you the quick story.  

My buddy and I were up on the rooftop bar having a discussion about what we wanted in life.  I was trying to explain that while I was open to the idea of a relationship, I'm just not looking for one at this time.  He kept trying to give me his 'five minute' talk.  To take what comes and make the next five minutes as good as they can be.  And that if those five minutes keep working that I'd eventually find myself in a wonderful relationship.  

We ended by agreeing to disagree.  Or at least I thought that's what we did.  He instead met a woman at the bar.  Much as I describe her in this cap, she was older than me and very sexy.  Not the type of woman I'd normally approach, but one that I found very attractive.  She took an instant shining to me and while my buddy talked to some other newfound friends, I spent half the night entertaining this woman.  I later learned that my friend's intention was to get me to start up those 'five minutes' with this woman and end up waking up with her.  

That's the end of the similarities with this obscura.  Well... she WAS drunk, but that's it.  When she introduced herself and barely made it into the empty chair next to me I knew she was far to drunk for my tastes.  So while I was polite, I never tried to make a move on her.  She was VERY interested in me though... so I kept up my part and chatted her up.  When she invited me back to her room I knew I had to put a stop to the charade.  I said I'd be happy to escort her back to her room.  But it looks like my chivalrous intents were about a half hour too late.  She was so damned drunk she couldn't get up from her seat, let alone stand or walk.  

I had no intention of leaving her up there, so I tried to walk her back to her room.  You ever walk someone so damned drunk that they can't support their own weight?  Yeah, it's awkward as all hell.   She was actually quite a bit shorter than me, so I couldn't just have her put her arm round my shoulders... I had to put my arm around her which left my hand very close to her breast.  She kept trying to move my hand TO her breast, but I was still trying to be a gentleman.  

When we got to the elevator I had to try and balance her with one arm so that I could hit the button.  I successfully hit the button, but almost dumped her to the floor.  Desperate to NOT have her fall flat on her face I grabbed her and held her up as best I could.  So there I am, holding on to this obviously drunk woman, her skirt riding up, her feet splayed out, her face slowly sinking down my chest toward my own personal happy space.... when I heard the security officer clear his throat behind me.  

My friend intended me to get laid.  Instead I find myself trying to NOT take advantage of an inebriated woman while a security officer stand behind me and assumes I am very much trying to take advantage of the drunk woman.  

Oh yea... I was pissed.  The security guard and I got her to her room.  She had been jokingly calling me 'Sir' all evening so when she turned and drunkedly looked at the two of us and said in a loud voice "Thank you Sir!" I'm fairly sure she was thinking me.  But from the security guard's perspective I'm sure it seemed she was thinking HIM for protecting her from ME.  

The security guard told me in broken English to get to my room and he'll forget all about this.  When he turned around I didn't understand what he said in Spanish, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't polite.  

It was still a wonderful vacation and at least I got this Obscura inspiration out of the story.  Hardly anybody noticed my friend's black eye the next day, and he's agreed to not try and convince me to live life Five Minutes at a time. 

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